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Content Marketing

5 Ideas To Future-Proof Your Content Marketing Career in an AI Age

An expert from the industry said that it would be difficult to discern AI-generated content from human-written content in terms of language usage and writing quality. Today, a lot of time is spent answering the issue, Will AI replace copywriters?” and concluding that writers no longer have to be concerned. “How can content writers prepare themselves for a world where AI-created content exists? Here are a few things you can do right now, according to Travis Taborek, to ensure that your work and skills won’t be replaced by a robot:

How to Find Content Marketing Success Through Any Budget

Content marketing sounds super expensive and is a perception that not everyone can afford this expensive medium of marketing. But this is just a myth! Most of the businesses these days aren’t relieving millions of dollars as a paycheck every month and still using content that is influential and powerful. If you cant believe this yet, this post by Denis Shiao is here to tell you on how to find content marketing success through any budget!


How blogging can increase your website traffic and SEO

Do you have a blog for your online store? You’re missing out on a tremendous opportunity to reach out to potential customers if you don’t. Almost everyone in today’s digital age evaluates products and services online before making a purchase. That is why it is critical to creating a website that ranks well in search engines and generates traffic. But how are you going to do it? This post by Amabaie is here to tell you on how blogging can increase your website traffic and SEO.

How to do On-Page SEO Audit for Optimizing your Web Pages

The cornerstone of your SEO performance is built on the pages of your website. They are the voice and face of your website. As a result, optimizing web pages is akin to getting oneself ready for the SEO battle. You may have completed the content preparation for your web pages. On the other side, it could be old web pages that haven’t been updated in a long time. You simply want to understand their performance or why they are underperforming. An on-page SEO Analysis tool is used by SEO service providers to perform this activity successfully and efficiently. An on-page SEO analyzer provides real-time information on the performance of your website. This post by Marc Berman is here to tell you all about it!

How to Get the Perfect Yoast SEO Readability Score

It’s not about dumbing down stuff when it comes to writing simple content. Rather, it’s about reaching and then retaining a larger audience by making your material more understandable. You want your audience to understand what you’re saying above all else. The Yoast SEO Readability Score is a tool that allows you to compare your writing to best practices in order to make your material accessible to the majority of readers – as well as search engines. This post by Lindsay Pietroluongo is here to tell you on how to get the perfect Yoast SEO readability score.

Social Media

5 Digital Marketing Trends to Know for the Decade

The amount of money committed to digital marketing and communications has increased dramatically in the last two years, posing a problem for senior-level marketers who have been unable to keep up with the changing times. New tactics in digital advertising, social media marketing, and SEO are evolving at a faster rate than they have ever been. People who have worked in marketing and communications for more than twenty years should reassess their abilities and knowledge. As you battle to be heard in an electronic society with nearly four billion users, don’t let tactics you learned a decade ago become a liability. Here are five digital marketing trends for you to know! So, read this post by Claire McKinney if you wish to keep up with the trends of the year 2022.

3 social media trends impacting marketing in 2022

Despite the fact that corporations have been using social media to sell their products and services for more than two decades, there have been significant changes in marketing tactics in recent years.

New trends, fueled by the ongoing epidemic and evolving technologies, are requiring marketers to adapt their strategies on a regular basis. Here are three social media trends impacting marketing in 2022. So, if you are keen to know more, have a look at this post right away!

Email Marketing

Eight Alternatives to Open-Triggered Email Sequences in the Age of Mail Privacy Protection

Open-triggered Email sequences or more commonly known as Opens, have become an increasingly unreliable indicator of individual-level interaction with marketing emails as more Apple Mail users use Mail Privacy Protection (MPP). Email marketers must now rethink how they pick active audiences for campaigns, identify inactivity, make suppression decisions, and build journey progressions that were previously based on opens.

B2B brands, who are the most frequent adopters of open-triggered journeys to move clients and prospects down interaction funnels, would be most affected. Brands will need to make modifications to their open-trigger trips, and they have a few options to choose from. Let’s have a look at the advantages mentioned by Chad S. White.

Cut and Waste: Are Your Marketing Emails Being Clipped?

The majority of browsers agree on how things should function. There is a great deal of uniformity. Email clients show the contents of emails. They can do whatever they want. As email developers, we must deal with sporadic support for new web technologies as well as an ever-changing world of rendering idiosyncrasies. There’s also the issue of email clipping. That’s a lovely way of stating your email might get sliced in two. Read this post by Mike Parry to know more

Link Building

How to Use Third-Party Website Analytics to Inform Your Link Building Strategy

You can learn a lot about your competitors’ methods if you can evaluate any website and fully break down its online traffic numbers. You’ll also be able to more precisely analyze the prospective value of any links you’re considering buying. Let’s look at a few ways by Jeff Broth you can use third-party website statistics to help you plan your link-building approach.


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