Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 19th January 2018

Content Marketing:

5 Tips for Creating Quality Video Content Even If You’re Clueless How to Begin

Videos are among the most adaptable tactics content marketers can leverage. Aaron Price writes “If you’re looking to create relevant, engaging online marketing for your brand, video is the way to do it.” He has shared 5 tips for creating quality video content.

27 Reasons Why Your Content Sucks

One of the downfalls of getting deeply entrenched in your own brand is the myopic content it breeds. In this useful article, Ann Gynn has given a wake up call to see if your content really sucks. Read to know more.


Free Local SEO Tools That Belong in Your Kit

If you have been looking to ramp up your local SEO work without busting your budget, check out this article by Miriam Ellis. She has shared free tools, spreadsheets, resources and more to make your job easier in 2018.

How to Optimize Your SEO Strategy for Voice Searches

Recent studies show that one-fifth of the queries on Google are voice searches. In this informative article, Aljaz Fajmut has shed light on how to optimize your SEO strategy for Voice Searches so that you aren’t left trailing your rivals. Read on.

3 Easy To Follow SEO Techniques You Can Implement Right Away

Staying on top of SEO takes a lot of research and experimentation. Understanding SEO is important to significantly increase your traffic and brand awareness. Navneet Kaushal has shared 3 easy-to-follow SEO techniques you can implement right away to increase your search traffic.

Social Media:

20 Top Social Media Tools to Try in 2018

For businesses, every social media platform is an opportunity to engage with their target audience. 58% of marketers state that original content is the cornerstone of social media marketing. Alfred Lua has shared top social media tools to try in 2018.

Face the facts: 5 social media truths that are hard to admit

With proper planning and successful execution, social media marketing can be effective for any business. Mark Schaefer has shared some facts about the social web that are kind of icky, but true. This one is a must read.

Email Marketing:

The Biggest Email Marketing Challenges of 2018

The goal of every email marketer needs to be sending emails that people will love. Email marketing is the most successful marketing channel but it is also the most tough. Chad S. White has identified the top email marketing challenges and shared advice from experts on how to overcome them.

The 5 Practices Highly Successful Email Marketers Follow

With over 144 billion emails sent each and every day, email marketing remains one of the elite channels for business communication. NiftyImages has shared highly effective email practices that you can start using right away to replicate the success of today’s top marketers!

Link Building:

Local Link Building: Quality vs Quantity – Which Is More Important?

Link building is the most effective way to increase online visibility in the search engine results page. Wondering whether to pay more attention to the quantity or quality of your links ? Gyi Tsakalakis has answers for this important question and tips for link building.


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