Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 20th April 2018

Content marketing

6 Top Marketing Challenges Solved by Influencer Content

The challenges within marketing today are greater than ever before. Lee Odden lists 6 of the top obstacles that brands face in respect to achieving effectiveness out of their marketing and how collaborating with influencers on content can help them overcome each such obstacle.

The 9 Best User-Generated Content Platforms for Driving Engagement and Sales

User generated content (UGC) is social media’s most significant contribution to the world of marketing. Consumer’s today prefer social media platforms to gather information and make informed purchasing decisions instead of relying on business as they did in past. Barry Feldman lists 9 best user-generated content platforms for driving engagement and sales through inspiring customers.


3 Keyword Research Trends to Reshape Your Content Optimization

Ann Smarty through this informative article underlines the importance of keyword research and its effectiveness in developing an ideal content marketing strategy. Keyword research is vital for content optimization and here she suggests 3 Keyword research trends that marketers can follow to take their SEO campaign a level higher.

How to Rank Your E-commerce Product Pages When They Are Filled With Duplicate Content

Neil Patel informs us that the method of ranking product pages with some strategic keyword stuffing is no longer viable. However through a nuanced approach, you can still let Google rank your product pages that contain duplicate content. Through the article, he further educates on how to rank e-commerce product pages inspite of them containing duplicate content.

55 Experts Reveal the Best SEO Rank Tracking Tools for Marketers

When it comes to SEO, measuring its effectiveness is critical to achieving success. In fact, the road to success in content marketing is through the ability to track and analyze your SEO strategy. Shane Barker with the article highlights the insights shared by 55 industry experts about the best SEO rank tracking tools for marketers.

Social Media Marketing

How to Use Social Media to Bring Customers Closer to Your Brand When They’re Vacationing

There are various effective ways to reach your customers while they are vacationing.With the article, James Jorner shares few tips on how to maximize the vacationing period of your customers to bring them closer to your brand.

The 4 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid When Automating Your Social Media

While the intention behind automating social media is always good, it is the execution where marketers face problem. The amount of time social media marketing takes makes it all the more important to automate it effectively. Dakota Shane highlights 4 rookie mistakes that you should look to avoid when automating your social media.

Email marketing

4 Ways to Overhaul Your Email Habits and Take Back Your Time

Since people often check email on the go, they tend to read each message multiple times unnecessarily before they have time to respond later. Real time email notifications are not efficient as they often serve as distractions from the work at hand. Hayden Field suggests few important ways that you can loo forward to overhaul your email habits to save your time.

85% of Marketers Agree that Email Marketing Performance is on the Rise. How Do Your Campaign Strategies Stack Up?

85% of marketers agree that email marketing performance is on the rise and it continues to trend upwards. However to achieve desired results, you need to have a an effective email campaign strategy at place. Larisa Bedgood with this article shares some of the basics that you can follow to take your email success to the next level. Link Building

Sustainable Link Building: Increasing Your Chances of Getting Links

Paddy Moogan outlines that link building campaigns should not have a start or end date, rather they should be ongoing, earn you links continually over time. In view of this, he shares some of the strategies that you can follow to achieve sustainable link building for achieving best results beyond initial campaigns.


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