Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 28th February 2020!

Content Marketing

How To Make Content Marketing Work For You

Content marketing involves a lot of efforts. From creating relevant contents to properly posting them for engaging the audience, there are many processes involved. Once you have a clear perception of why you are creating content on a specific topic, you can begin the content development process. Read this informative article by Holly Chessman to know the steps you can take to make content marketing work for you.

Writing your first content marketing plan

Different studies have shown that content marketing helps in building solid, trustworthy relationships with both existing and potential customers. The best way to leverage the advantages of content marketing is to create an out of box content marketing plan. To create such a plan, you need to have a clear idea about what the content is for. Read this article by York Mix to know the different steps you need to take for writing a strategic content marketing plan.


How to Use SEO Data to Make Better Marketing Decisions

Have you ever thought of using SEO data to make wiser marketing decisions? SEO data is of different types like organic traffic, organic impressions, organic backlinks and number of backlinks. You can utilize search volume to guide product naming and branding. Keyword strategy can also be organized according to the level of interest. By organizing keywords based on journey stages of buyers, you can create a strategy that offers the best quality of experience to your customer. Read this informative article by Kayla Carmichael to know how you can use SEO data to take wiser business decisions.

10 Reason why SEO is the best marking channel during Coronavirus times

Are you wondering what strategies you should take for marketing your product or service during the ongoing coronavirus crisis? You need to remember that technical SEO is in most cases, not connected to campaigns. A quicker website with more schema markups and proper sitemaps is independent of your SEO campaign. In this article, Tobias Willmann explains the major reasons why SEO is the best marketing channel during the coronavirus crisis.

The 3 Essential SEO Tools for Any Marketing Consultant

For managing an effective SEO strategy, you need to have a great set of tools. SEO can cause confusions. As you have to run multiple reports across different platforms, you can lose track of your data. Tools such as SEMrush offers features and services which can help you to manage data and keep track of your reports easily. In this insightful article, John Jantsch highlights some essential SEO tools which any marketing consultant needs to have.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing in the Midst of COVID-19

A recent survey conducted by Global WebIndex showed that around 25% of respondents said that they check social media more than they usually do because of COVID-19/coronvirus. To handle your social media marketing campaign effectively during the ongoing crisis, re-evaluate your content daily. Review your paid media strategies daily to ensure that you don’t appear insensitive or mercenary. Read this article by Jim Tobin to know some steps you can take to handle social media marketing during the coronavirus crisis.

Ways to Analyze Your Instagram Marketing

Do you know how your Instagram marketing is performing? Your Instagram profile has some useful metrics which you can use to get a clear idea of what is working. Instagram is a strong tool for small businesses and influencers who want to promote their products and services. However, when Instagram announced that it would test hiding likes, people who were using personal Instagram profiles for business were highly concerned. Though this change hasn’t been made officially, the possibility of likes getting hidden makes it logical to move your Instagram presence to a business profile from a personal one. In this article, Tammy Cannon highlights some metrics using which you can evaluate the performance of your Instagram marketing.

Email Marketing

8-Step Guide to Email Marketing During a Crisis

During ane emergency, your email can either help or confuse people. You cannot ignore a crisis if it is affecting your audience. To create sensitive, thoughtful emails during an emergency, you will have to follow some steps. To deal with a crisis, you need to act quickly. Therefore, don’t make any delays in communicating important information. Waiting for too long can hurt the reputation of your brand. In this article, Liz Willits explains some steps related to email marketing which you can take during a crisis.

6 Email Marketing Templates You Need to Try Right Now

If you are running a business, you are not likely to have the time to write copy for your email marketing campaigns. Email marketing is considered as the most effective marketing strategy by many experts. The open rates for email marketing are far higher in comparison to other platforms. Emails have an open rate of 22.86% and a click through rate of 3.71%. In this article, Nathan Thompson shares 6 email marketing templates which you can use in your email marketing campaigns to capture your reader’s attention.

Link Building

Guest Blogging for SEO: Use Content to Build Quality Backlinks

A few years ago, Matt Cutts, former Head of Web Spam at Google, announced the death of guest blogging as a technique for link-building. However, guest blogging is still alive, and most editors report that they publish at least one guest blog every week. The only change which has taken place that editors no longer try to manipulate search engine by creating low-quality posts. Read this informative article by Susan Saurel to know the tips and tricks you can adopt for using content to build high-quality backlinks.


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