Here were present our list of this week’s most relevant articles on digital marketing which we across the web. These articles have been categorized into five groups-content marketing, social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, and link building. Have a look at them and we are sure they will be of great help for you.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 25th January 2019!

Content Marketing

No, Content Marketing Is Not a ‘Soft Skill’

Most people often make the mistake of dividing business writers into hard and soft writers. Read the article by Sonia Simone, which highlights the manner in which content draws the attention of prospective buyers and helps in engaging the target audience. Go through the article for a better understanding.

10 Content Curation Tools Every Marketer Needs

For content curation to be effective, you need to find relevant material for your audience from different sources and share it across various communication channels. Rather than summarizing the most popular things on the internet, you need to pick the most relevant ones. This article by Pat Armitage shares details on the most essential tools which should be a part of every marketer’s arsenal.


How will the world of search engine optimization (SEO) change in 2019?

New updates to search engines of Google and all other major search engines are being done almost on a regular basis. To survive and grow in the long run, it is essential for every business to follow emerging trends and improve their SEO. Follow the new SEO trends in 2019 shared by Audrey Zamboni.

8 free technical SEO tools you probably haven’t heard of

The use of technical SEO tools is quite common in order to resolve the technical glitches faced by websites. Check out the recent article by Mark Osborne, in which he has discussed 8 free technical SEO tools for marketers to resolve all issues faced by their websites and optimize their SEO campaigns faultlessly.

5 On-Page SEO Checks For Predictable Uplift in 2019

2018 was a challenging year for all SEO professionals as Google made an important algorithm update with revealing its details clearly. Though some digital marketers experienced tremendous uplift, the majority weren’t satisfied with the results. In this article, Tsetlelina Yordanova shares five on-page SEO checks which can ensure more satisfactory results for website owners.

Social Media

How To Manage Real Time Social Media Marketing

Real-time communication is the key to retaining new customers and reach out to new ones on social media. Timely replies to clients not only strengthen the bond between you and your target audience but also helps you to deliver beyond their expectations. Through this article, Brent Barnhart discusses the tips and tricks related to real time social media marketing.

Power Up Social Media Strategy With These 4 Tech Tools

Marketers are often faced with heavy odds while handling a huge amount of social data, ever growing requests made by customers via social platforms. But thanks to the phenomenal improvements in technology, it is now possible for brands to reach out and increase their audience base via social media. In this article, Alice Oh discusses about how you can tap the growth potential in an oversaturated tech space.

Email Marketing

9 Powerful Ways To Combine Social Media and Email Marketing

Social media platforms are one of the most effective ways to reach out to new people. Email marketing on the other is highly efficient in ensuring conversions. Customers need to come across a brand a couple of times before deciding to buy a product. In his recent article, Jeff Bullas highlights about the different ways in which you can social media and email marketing to ensure customer loyalty and brand recognition in an affordable manner.

Five Email Trends and Best-Practices for 2019

A new year is the best opportunity to ponder about where things have been and where they are heading to. Email marketers have a promising future as long as they make the best use of ongoing trends and apply the best practices. The article by Eric Wanta highlights five major email trends and best-practices for 2019.

Link Building

How to Do Link Building Without Getting Burnt

At present, link building is one of the most widely debated and controversial issues in any SEO strategy. Changes in rules and algorithmic updates have boosted the level of skills, detail, and determination. If you want to know about link building techniques without incurring penalties, read this interesting article by Paul Morris.


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