Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 28th February 2020!

Content Marketing

10 Tips for Improving Your Small Business Marketing Through Content and Visuals

Content marketing is one of the effective ways to provide value for your small business’s marketing strategy that you are looking for. In your every plan, it’s essential to make your messaging stand out with quality visuals and/or content. You need to organize your content like a Pro to increase your base of followers. Read this informative article by Annie Pilon to take your existing content marketing plan to the next level.

How to Reach Your Content Marketing Goals With Long-Form Content

With long-form content, you can get more of what you want in your content marketing to increase more online visibility. Once your long-form posts are written, you can think about different types of additional content to add to them. The more long-form content you produce, the more your website will rise in SEO value. Read this article by Lauren Tellman to know how to reach your Content Marketing Goals With Long-Form Content.


Is SEO Empowering Your Content, or Restricting It?

SEO covers a wide range of topics related to improving your website content visibility in the natural listings of search engine results pages. To create a quality content SEO best-practices are great to follow, and they can often get in the way of offering value to a target audience. Therefore, you need to find the right balance for producing compelling and quality SEO optimized content. Read this informative article by Kaya Ismail to know how your SEO can empower your content or restrict it.

Marketing During a Pandemnic: Stop Pushing and Start Pulling with SEO

In this coronavirus pandemic situation, your marketing teams need to plan their next marketing strategies wisely to either mitigate downside risk or capture all the upside that’s possible. The SEO effect is enormous to gain leads, and you need organic traffic. And to increase organic traffic, you need to rank highly for keywords your audience is searching for. In this article, Lee Odden explains the primary reasons why SEO is the best marketing channel during the coronavirus crisis.

How eCommmerce is Being Impacted by Coronavirus and What SEOs Could Do

On top of health concerns, brands across the globe, worrying about how coronavirus impact their eCommerce as a whole. In this situation of constant change and uncertainty, it is essential to keep your information up to date through SEO techniques. Add new services to your sites with SEO keyword component to make sure that optimized for keywords relevant to your business. In this insightful article, Samuel Mangialavori highlights some essential SEO steps which any eCommerce marketer needs to have.

Social Media Marketing

Five Steps To Effectively Use Social Media For Crisis Management

Today, social media is a key player in crisis communication plans for your social media marketing. The power of social media allows your community to stay informed, updated when crises happen. So you need to establish an active presence on Social Media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Create a simple and intuitive hashtag that will make easier for people to find the crisis, ask questions and share your updates. Make sure that you engaged with your audience in an honest, transparent and compassionate manner. Read this article by Evan Nierman to know how you can Effectively Use Social Media For Crisis Management.

Managing social media during a crisis

Do you know that during a crisis, things can move blazingly fast on your social media? Your best chance to make it through a social media crisis is to prepare ahead of time. Have a solid plan to bring speed and transparency to share an update on how the Covid-19 crisis is affecting your business. In order to harness the real power of social media, bringing communities closer together, and use your platform to action real value. Therefore, make sure that you consider every activity to remove the risk of appearing insensitive. In this article, Gráinne Glenny highlights some important measure from which you can manage your social media during a crisis.

Email Marketing

Forget about empathetic emails during the coronavirus outbreak and start making your brand money

At pandemic coronavirus situation, are you facing trouble to how to manage their brand and making money? One of the effective ways to make money for your brand is to through an email marketing cross-sell related products. It is a strategy in which you reach out to a large group of targeted audience via email to promote your products and services. The idea mainly is to create brand awareness and build loyalty and trust by reaching out to people via email. In this article, Mark Ritson explains how you can make money from your brand during the coronavirus outbreak.

How to reach your email marketing goals

Do you want to keep in touch with your target audience and existing customers through email marketing? Then it is one of the most popular and effective ways to reach your marketing goals. You have to start with a successful campaign strategy with a great offer. Now that you’ve started generating leads, it’s time to send out a welcome email. Once you start seeing success, you can fine-tune your campaign with split testing. In this article, Syed Balkhi shares some tips on how you can reach your email marketing goals.

Link Building

Top Free backlink building tools

Are you looking for Top Free backlink building tools to grow your business productivity? The websites you are looking to connect with backlink need to have a good reputation. Use backlink generating tool that equipped with high-performance factors. In addition to creating high-quality content, it’s imperative to focus some time and energy on a savvy link building strategy. Read this informative article by Puti Odedra to know the tips and tricks for Top Free backlink building tools.


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