Here we come again with our list of this week's best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 28th APRIL 2017!

Content Marketing:

How to Create a Social Media Marketing Content Plan in 7 Steps
Warren Knight in this article writes about how to create a social media marketing content plan for your business. If you want to connect more with your target audience and wondering how to deliver relevant social media content consistently, read this article.

13 Content Marketing Strategies Suitable For Even the Smallest Budget
Content Marketing can become very expensive. Then there are ways you can get started with content marketing without breaking the bank or spending a penny. Oleg in this article shares thirteen content marketing strategies which can benefit business with the smallest budget.


How to Develop a Multiple Domain SEO Strategy
Are you wondering how to improve SEO when you’re already doing everything? Neil Patel says, it’s possible to have a huge search engine presence using something called a multiple domain strategy. If used the right way, it can be very powerful. It’s a long term strategy, so no immediate wins here.

7 SEO Mysteries Solved
In his latest article Jayson DeMers says Even for experienced SEO professionals, search optimization can be confusing. But it happens to all of us. He shares seven common SEO mysteries that often plague new campaigns.

On-page SEO Tips: Three Things You Can Do Right Now
Jerry Low writes, there are various aspects of a given web page that influence search engine rankings. These aspects can be optimized to get better search engine rankings. Some of these factors are great content, catchy page title, URL reflecting the hierarchy of the website and image alt text.

Social Media:

10 Tips for Making Your Small Business Stand Out on Social Media
Annie Pilon shares ten ideas and tips on using social media and content marketing for small business. Most businesses use social media and content strategy to market their service/products. But most of your competitors are using the same platforms. It gets important to make your business stand out.

Social Media Matters in Marketing for More Reasons Than You Think
Social Media is critical in modern day marketing and if you have audience, social media can be a career. Jordan French, in this article, has pointed out why social media matters so much to the marketing. He says, people trust influencer endorsements more than the celebrity endorsements.

Email Marketing:

How to write a cold email that gets a response from even the busiest people
Richard Feloni writes, sending the right cold email could land you a new customer or an employee. However it can be daunting to get in touch with someone you’ve never met. He talks about the proven techniques that increase the odds of getting a response.  

What Sending 100 Million Emails Taught Me About Email Marketing Engagement Tactics That Don’t Work
Noah Kagan says, email marketing is the number one most effective channel for ecommerce businesses and if someone says it is dead, that’s because they are not good at it. In this article Noah arites about email marketing engagement techniques that don’t work. And he learned this after sending 100 million mails.

Link Building:

9 Link Building Email Outreach Templates That Actually Work
Inbound links to your website play an important role in achieving your inbound marketing goals. Sophia Bernazzani has created nine different templates for killer outreach emails that you can use for your link building strategy.


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