Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 28th February 2020!

Content Marketing

5 Ways to Optimize Your Content Marketing With Split Testing

Split testing is widely used to enhance the conversion rate of a web page, ad or email. It can also be applied to improve the performance of content marketing campaigns. These days, most companies are utilizing content marketing for promoting their business. For the successful promotion of your business, you need to improve the effectiveness of your content marketing campaign. You can use split testing to do it. Read this article by Bill Acholla to know the different ways through which you can optimize your content marketing campaign through split testing.

Content Marketing Has to Be “Its Own Thing”

One common mistake that most companies do is that they do not regard content marketing as a separate channel. There is virtually no difference or hierarchy in the web pages of their sites. The main goal of content marketing is to create a separate space which works as an independent media or trade publication. Through content marketing, you can tell stories, comment on existing trends and build relationships with people. This informative article by Frank Strong explains why content marketing has to be its own thing to be effective.


The Why and How of Off-Page SEO for Bloggers

To maximize the growth of your business, you need to focus on internal SEO. The success of off-page SEO, to a great extent, depends on acquiring high-quality backlinks to your website. To build an effective off-page SEO strategy, you will need to create rich internal content, organize the pages of your site and look for backlink opportunities. Read this article by BloggingPro to know the tips and tricks of off-page SEO for bloggers.

Common Off-site SEO issues: Troubleshooting

The SEO of your company is one of the major determiners of the impression your target audience has about your brand. It enables you to target them without them getting to know that you are doing so. It helps you to enhance your credibility as websites with top results are always given precedence over others. In this article, Jeniffer Hahn Masterson discusses effective steps which you can adopt to fix common off-site issues like the management of backlinks, meeting the internet of web searchers, etc.

Local SEO: How Companies Can Overtake Competitors

Local SEO is of the major strategies of SEO that helps brick-and-mortar businesses to attract clients from search. Local search is the type of search results that are created as per the location of a user. A standard local search query includes information about ‘’what’’ a person is searching for. ‘’Where’’ information, like address or related keywords, is also included. But this is not a mandatory requirement. Read this informative article by ZE Links AMZN to know how companies can use local SEO to overtake their competitors.

Social Media Marketing

How to Use TikTok Challenges for Business

Are you looking for ways to enhance the exposure of your brand on TikTok? TikTok challenges are mostly inspired by meme culture. These challenges, both organic and sponsored often use a combination of three elements: text, sound and movement. If you are planning for a banded TikTok challenge, you will need to consider the main objective. After setting the objective, you will have to promote the challenge. In this article, Makayla Paul explains how you can make use of TikTok challenges for your business.

How to Use LinkedIn for Competitor Research

Are you using LinkedIn to research on your competitors? There are numerous benefits of using LinkedIn within your business, such as showcasing your skills, experience, building a professional network and looking for job opportunities. But LinkedIn can also be used as a research and marketing tool. If you want to monitor your competitors on LinkedIn, you will first have to understand who are your actual competitors. In this article, Luan Wise explains how you can utilize LinkedIn for competitor research.

Email Marketing

The 3 Golden Rules of a Great Email Marketing Strategy

One common mistake that many people make with email marketing is that they don’t deliver sufficient value before sending their offers. People never sign up to your list for receiving marketing material. They do so because they believe that you have some knowledge or insight which could be beneficial for them. No one cares about you. A well-informed marketing strategy can help you make readers more aware of your product or service. Read this article by Matt Treacey to know the tips and tricks you can use to create a great email marketing strategy.

How to Maximize Ecommerce Sales Using Email Marketing

Owners of e-commerce companies often face challenges related to sales. One major issue that they usually face is capturing correct leads or not getting sufficient customer data. To maximize your sales through email marketing, you will have to ensure that you comply with existing privacy regulations. You will also need to create a welcome email series for new leads and subscribers. In this article, Kevin Payne shares some tips using which you can boost e-commerce sales through email marketing.

Link Building

How To Build Backlinks – 7 Best Methods To Build Backlinks (2020)

Are you looking for ways to build backlinks? One of the best ways of acquiring backlinks is writing guest posts. These are blog posts which are written for other websites and are linked back to your site in the author bio. You can also create free tools which can help you generate substantial backlinks. Read this article by Victor Snyder to know the best methods that you can use to build backlinks.


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