Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 30th March 2018

Content Marketing:

59 Female Marketing and Growth Experts You Should be Following

Caroline Forsey shares the list of of fifty nine female marketing and growth influencers to follow. Influencer round ups are all over the web, but very few of them highlight more than a small handful of female leaders.

How to Discover and Create Content That Your Audience Craves (and Grow Your Following)

We run out of content ideas and we all have been in this situation. Alfred Lua has managed to find a few solutions to help keep a constant stream of content ideas flowing. In this article he has shared six ways to discover the content your audience craves.


Presenting Your Findings: How to Create Relevant and Engaging SEO Reports – Next Level

Meghan Pahinui writes, “When it comes to creating useful SEO reports for clients and members of your team, it can be tough to balance the best, most relevant information to include with what they actually want to see.” She talks about what information you should include in your SEO reports.

5 practical tips to prepare for mobile-first indexing

Is your site mobile friendly? Dawn Anderson writes, it should come as no surprise Google is working toward indexing web pages primarily based on the mobile output of web pages versus desktop versions in what the search engine giant has called the ‘mobile-first’ index.

Check These 8 SEO Boxes Before Launching A New Site

Neil Patel writes, most marketers and businesses looking to start a website focus on design and design only. He has suggested eight SEO boxes that need to be checked before launching a new website, starting with improving site speed.

Social Media:

10 Expert Social Media Tips To Help Your Small Business Succeed

Social media can be a great way for small business owners to connect with prospects and customers. Done right, it can make sales skyrocket. Gerri Detweiler shares strategies by small business experts that business owners can use to mark successful presence on social media.

13 Social Media Marketing Tips You Can Use Today

Social media marketing keeps getting harder. The burning questions entrepreneurs are asking: How do I reach my target audience? How do I get interaction on my business page? How do I stand out in the crowd? Karen Repoli share thirteen tips to improve your reach.

Email Marketing:

7 Tips To Increase Email Marketing Engagement

David Roe writes, content engagement is an important element for email marketers, in order to ensure email content engagement, organizations need to personalize content for individuals.He has shared seven tips to increase email marketing engagement.

10 Easy Subject Line Tester Tools to Boost Email Opens

Meg Prater has written this informative article, She writes, Do you struggle to get prospects to open your emails? Is writing witty subject lines a little outside your comfort zone? Wish you had a magic tool to help you write better, more eye-catching subject lines, faster? Check out the list of ten subject line tester tools.

Link Building:

Does Building Links to One Page Help Other Pages Rank Better in Google?

Adrian Cojocariu writes, “We all know that quality links to our website are beneficial for rankings. But link-building is hard and time consuming and reckless link-building is sort of ‘illegal’ in terms of Google Guidelines. Your only ‘legal’ option is to create great content and distribute it properly in order to earn natural links.”


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