Here we come again with our list of this week’s best articles on digital marketing that we found across the Internet. These have been categorized into content marketing, social media, search engine optimization, email marketing and link building. Take a look at them and we are sure you will love going through them.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Articles of this Week: 7th September 2018

Content Marketing

How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Content Marketers (and Start Getting Better Clients)

Stephanie Flaxman, in her article, talks about the need to invest in yourself and take inspiration from your competitors to grow into a successful content marketer. She believes ‘creativity is not competition’ and brings forth a content strategy course to help budding writers succeed and get optimum results for their clients.

Top 15 Digital Marketing Tools for Content Marketing

Content Marketing has become the springboard for a successful sales drive. Keeping the market trends in mind Lane Harbin has come up with 15 digital marketing tools to ace content marketing. Streamline your content creation and level up your digital marketing efforts.


How to Perform a Fast SEO Analysis of Your Website

To keep up with the trends of the ever changing industry, it has become extremely important to perform an SEO analysis on a regular basis. In his recent article Shane Barker has come up with tips and tools to perform a quick SEO analysis of a website to up your game in Digital Marketing.

Are Blog Commenting Services Effective for SEO and Rankings?

Ever received a ‘it is a really nice post. Now please have a look at my link’? Michael Juba, in his article, talks about the impact a link in the blog comment may have on the SEO and Ranking of the website. After all higher the ranking, more successful the marketing!

Three tools to help automate your SEO workflow

Up your SEO game with Greg Matarazzo’s top 3 suggested tools to automate your SEO workflow. Amidst a gamut of tools to automate the content discovery process, discover backlinks or even manage ranking on Google, Matarazzo has come up with an article on the tools he relies upon to quicken his SEO workflow.

Social Media Marketing

5 Industries That Have Strange and Specific Rules for Social Media

Social media has become a major forum to advertise products and lure the potential buyers towards products. Though open platforms of product endorsement, certain industries have to abide by certain set of rules to advertise their products on social media. Alexandra Samur lists 5 industries that have to play by strange and specific rules to stay put on social media.

The Best Productivity Tools for Social Media Marketers

Dustin W. Stout shares his secrets to a productive social media marketing in his recent article. He talks about top 5 apps he uses to streamline his work, right from making the to-do list till reporting the tasks of the day. Give a read to his article to unveil the tricks and make the most of the time you got!

Email Marketing

How to Grow Your Email List With Pinterest

Pinterest is emerging as an interesting media platform for product marketing after Facebook, Twitter and Google+. In a recent article Emily Syring shares how to promote an email opt-in via your Pinterest profile, boards and pins. The article is a guide to know how Pinterest works as a forum to link with your email list and attract your target audience.

5 Indispensable Email List Management Best Practices

With technology taking the world by storm we have seen the century turning from telegrams to mails and carom to PubG. Keeping in trend with the marketing world, Lindsey Bekken talks about 5 indispensable email list management practices that every marketer should lend an ear to. Walk beyond the conventional use of mails and join hands with the tricks to make your marketing a success.

Link Building

Break Free From These Toxic Link Building Habits

Digital Marketing is an ever changing arena and keeping up with the frequent changes in the algorithms of the search engines is difficult. Link building is an important part of the ranking strategy and hence, an unfit link can make your website hit the rock bottom and vice- versa. Have a look at the article by Emily to break free from wrong link building practices and say hello a brighter and better SEO result.


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