A report published by Google, AdWords report segment revealed notation of a big divide between the performance of #1 ads based on their position. The report suggests, that the #1 ads that appear on the top of the search result perform better, or, end up getting more clicks and more conversions, as opposed to the #1 ads on the right.

(Sourced by Google Inside AdWords)

This report follows the announcement made by the Chief Economist at Google, Hal Varian, back in April about Understanding the Average Position metric where he explained “there is a big difference between when your ad appears in position #1 above the search results and when your ad appears in position #1 on the side.” Hal further explains, “This distinction is important, since, on average, ads that appear above the search results tend to get substantially more clicks than ads that appear on the right-hand side.” This distinction is clearly highlighted in the report.

Google AdWords team additionally announces in their official blog that from this week on, the report will help you note how well your ad is performing be it on the top or the right hand side of the search result. This is done in Google’s bid to help the webmasters perk up their search optimization campaigns. The main aim seems to be to help you evaluate the relationship that exists between the location and the clicks and conversion of your ads. In addition to that it will also aid brand advertisers to get a transparent views of the location and the times their brand terms are being placed above the search results.

How to make use of the data:
Perhaps you must be wondering, “Okay all of that sounds good, but how do I actually use it?” Andrew Truong, from Google explains “To segment your performance data by where your ads appeared on Google and Search Partner search results pages, you simply need to add the “Top vs. Side” segment to your data table. Here’s how:

1. Select the Campaign, Ad groups, Ads or Keywords tab of your AdWords account.
2. Click the Segment button in the toolbar above your data table.
3. Select Top vs. side from the drop-down. Results will appear in rows beneath each of your ads.”

So, follow these simple steps and avail the services that are on offer by Google AdWords. The report sounds very fruitful. Especially, with them pulling the plug on their Position Preference Feature in May. At the end of the day, isn’t clicks and conversions what we are all after? And with this report it will help you make better bidding decisions.

For the ins and outs of the report which might prove very helpful to the advertisers, refer to it on, Google’s blog with the title ‘Top vs. Side’ Ad Performance Segmentation‘.


Navneet Kaushal is the Editor-in-Chief of PageTraffic Buzz. A leading search strategist, Navneet helps clients maintain an edge in search engines and the online media. Navneet is also the CEO of SEO Services company PageTraffic which is one of the leading search marketing company in Asia.