Google Search arranges information to track down the most relevant result for search queries of every individual. But what if the content is unavailable? To deal with the issue, Google has created Question Hub.

Using Question Hub, users can help Google know when they fail to find the content they are looking for. Google collected all the unanswered questions, for instance ‘’How many revolutions does Chandrayaan 2 makes around the Earth’’. It sorted them based on the topic(‘’Science’’). Google offers these queries to publishers so that the latter could use such insights to create richer, better content for their readers. This is highly beneficial for publishers who can identify the gaps in digital content and also for people searching for content online. After months of testing with journalists and bloggers, Google launched a beta version yesterday so that it can continue to grow the product in association with a wider group of publishers.

Question Hub is available in countries like India, Indonesia, and Nigeria, in English, Hindi and Bahasa Indonesia. Google is planning to introduce it in other countries and languages shortly. There are numerous questions which have been lined up for answers, from invalidate myths like ‘’Do mermaid tears really turn into pearls’’ to usual questions like ‘’vegan south indian recipe with no eggplant’’. Since Question Hub is still at an experimental phase, Google is working on enhancing the experience and add additional features.

To gain access to Question Hub, publishers have to link their account to verified properties in Search Console. Other options are available are available for publishers who don’t have a Search Console account. Once an account has been created, they can explore which are related to their work either by browsing or searching keywords. Once a topic gets added, publishers can view unanswered questions which are asked by real people.

Publishers can utilize their editorial judgment for reviewing unanswered questions and expand these when creating content. For example, an unanswered question(“mehndi designs for my sister’s wedding in two weeks 2019”) can signify a greater need for content on a specific topic(trendy mehndi designs). Once publishers create an article or video, they can submit it on Question Hub, where they will assess content performance metrics.

Are You Involved In Publishing?

Try Question Hub to learn more about how to get started in Google’s FAQ. Click Send Feedback within Question Hub with any issues or comments.


Ritu from PageTraffic is a qualified Google Ads Professional and Content Head at PageTraffic. She has been the spear head for many successful Search Marketing Campaigns and currently oversees Content Marketing operations of PageTraffic in India.