Google AdWords API Blog has announced that, the Traffic Estimator Service is now available in the Google AdWords API. The Traffic Estimator Service provides traffic estimates (CPC, clicks per day, etc.) for the existing as well as for the new keywords for a new product or service.

According to the Blog, “AdWords API users can access our trove of historical keyword and bid data via the Traffic Estimator Service, which gives detailed estimates of how much traffic a keyword may generate at various CPC values. The service is not only useful for new products or campaigns, but it can also estimate the impact of changing the Max CPC of existing keywords as well.

Over at the Google Groups, the Google API Advisor has also mentioned about the release of the availability of the Traffic Estimator Service for Google AdWords API.. This is what the AdWords Advisor, Jeff Posnick had to say,

“Hey Folks,

For those of your out there who don’t subscribe to the AdWords API
blog’s RSS feed, I wanted to draw your attention to a new post. It
details the differences between the estimateKeywordList() and
estimateCampaignList() methods of the AdWords API’s Traffic Estimator
Service, and hopefully clears up some long-standing confusion about
exactly which method is the correct one to use for different

(Preemptive note: we are still investigating some issues previously
reported in this forum related to inconsistent results returned by the
Traffic Estimator Service. Using the right API methods to begin with
is definitely the first step in getting reliable estimates.)

If there are other AdWords API-related topics that folks would like
to see explored in a longer blog post, please reply and let us know!

-Jeff Posnick, AdWords API Team”


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