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Bing Utilizes User Engagement Metrics For Rankings In Search

 Update Your Business Profile From Google Search And Maps

From Now On Bing Will Share Future Updates Through New Twitter Handle

Google Launches A New Feature Named People Cards

Now Google Search Console Can Help You Resolve AMP Signed Exchange(SXG)Issues

Google Simplifies Search For Jobs, Recipes And Products

Shopify Launches A New App That Shows A Site’s Web Vitals Score


Google Performance Planner Includes Support For Conversion Delay And Shared Budgets

Now Microsoft Advertising Editor Users Have Access To Recommendations And Campaign-Level Targeting

Bing Shopping Lets Free Listings In The Footer


Facebook Introduces Free ‘Paid Online Events’ For SMBs 

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#digitalmarketing: Bing Makes Use of User Engagement Metrics To Rank Websites In Search

Recently, Bing listed its search engine ranking factors at a high level. One of the signals which have drawn the interest of SEO experts is user engagement metrics, which includes pogosticking, click-throughs, clicking on various results, changing the query, etc. Bing doesn’t use the metrics individually. It instead uses them holistically.

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#digitalmarketing: Bing Will Share Future Updates Through Its New Twitter Handle

Bing’s engineering team has created a new home on the internet to share official news and answering questions from website owners. On Twitter, @MSBing_Dev will now be used as a community-oriented space in which SEOs and site owners can interact with Bing engineers. This channel is being opened for users to ask questions, engage, learn and communicate directly with people who work on the search engine.

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#digitalmarketing: Google Launches A New Type of Virtual Visiting Cards

It is quite easy to search for famous people on Google with knowledge panels that organize their details from trustworthy sources in an easy format. But how do you search for people who are not famous? To resolve these issues, Google has launched People Cards. This is similar to a virtual visiting card, where you can highlight an existing website or social profiles which you want visitors to view along with details about yourself which you want people to know.  

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#digitalmarketing: Now You Can Rely On Google Search Console For Resolving AMP Signed Exchange(SXG)Problems

Google has announced that Search Console has been upgrading to support reporting on problems related AMP and signed exchanges. Signed exchanges(SXG) can be utilized with AMP to show your original publisher URL instead of Google AMP cache URL while serving your AMP articles. Google’s URL inspection tool and AMP enhancement report inside Search Console can now report on issues related to signed exchanges and AMP.

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#digitalmarketing: Now Google Is Updating Activity Cards To Offer Support For Jobs, Recipes And Products

A new update to activity cards on Google Search will enable users to select where they left off with searches on products, jobs, and recipes. Activity cards were launched in 2019 to help people continue previous searches. These cards usually contain links to previously visited pages, with a carousel of questions which lead to the pages. Activity pages can be visible for all types of searches and usually have a similar design irrespective of the kind of query.  

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#digitalmarketing: Now Shopify Merchants Can Start Optimizing For Fast Web Page Speeds Directly From Their Dashboard With Web Vitals App

Shopify has created a new app which displays a site’s Google Web Vitals score. Enhancing the scores can enable a website to perform better. In 2021, the Web Vitals score will become ranking factors. The app offers Shopify shop merchants the ability to check their Web Vitals score and compare them with that of their competitors.

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#digitalmarketing: Google Enables Users To Update Their Google Business Profile Directly From Google Search And Maps

Making quick changes to your Google Business profile is essential. Google has now simplified it for Google Business users to update their Business Profile directly from Google products that they already use. You can now create posts, reply to reviews, add photos and update business details from Google Search and Maps.

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#ppc: Google Performance Planner Offers Support For Conversion Delay And Shared Budgets

Google has included three new features to Performance Planner, its ad campaign forecasting tool on 17th August. Performance Planner now offers support for conversion delay and shared budgets across various campaigns and campaign plans which can be viewed and edited by other stakeholders. Shared budget projections will make the tool more useful for advertisers for managing their campaigns.

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#ppc: New Features Are Added To Microsoft Advertising Editor With Suggestions And Campaign-Level Targeting

Users of Microsoft Advertising Editor will now have access to campaign-level associations and AI-powered recommendations on Wednesday. These new features have been designed to enable advertisers to optimize campaign performance and make bulk campaign management a hassle-free process. Recommendations that were released as a closed beta in November 2019 are now globally available. They have a lightbulb icon and might include suggestions for bid optimization, new keywords to be added, and resolutions for ad groups which are missing keywords or ads.

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#ppc: Bing Shopping Permits Free Listings In The Footer

In April, Google let free listings to be done inside Google Shopping tab and then extended it to the main Google web search results. In the same way, Bing is allowing free product listings in Bing Shopping tab of search. However, these product listings might go unseen as they seem to be placed in the footer. Bing announced that it will enable businesses to show their product offers for free on Bing Shopping Tab initially in the US before releasing it in other markets like Canada, Australia, UK, France and Germany.

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#socialmedia: Facebook Comes Up With ‘Paid Online Events’ For SMBs

Facebook wants to assist small businesses(SMB) to cope up with the COVID crisis and grow. A few months back, Facebook had announced $100M in cash grants and ad credits for SMBs. Later, it launched Facebook Shops for assisting SMBs to sell online. On August 14, it announced a new product for monetizing masses and online events, called ‘’paid online events.’’

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