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The Latest Bing Webmaster Tools Are Now Live with New URL Inspection Tool

Bing Webmaster Tool Is Now Equipped with A New Robot.txt Tester

Google Includes ‘Black-owned’ To Local Listings

Google Offers Suggestions to Site Owners of Growth In ‘Work From Home’ Searches’

Google’s Update Search Console Now Supports More Types of Structured Data


How Can You Stay CCPA Compliant Once Facebook’s Default Limited Data Usage Ends on Aug 1st?

Most Liked Posts on Facebook Are Not Necessarily The Ones That Are Most Viewed

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#digitalmarketing: The Upgraded Bing Webmaster Tools Is Now Live with The Latest URL Inspection Tool

On Thursday, Bing launched the latest version of Bing Webmaster Tools. It can now be accessed on new tool comes with many new features, the chief among which is the URL Inspection Tool that enables you to analyze Bing indexed version of your URL and find out indexing issues related to crawling or not adhering to the prescribed guidelines of Bing Webmaster.

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#digitalmarketing: Bing Webmaster Tools Is Now Equipped with The Latest Robots.txt Tester

Bing has included a new feature to the new Bing Webmaster Tools-a robots.txt tester. This feature existed in Bing before 2009. But support to it was dropped for a decade. The upgraded version of the feature has been brought back. The new robots.txt tester can now be accessed inside the new Bing webmaster tools over here. From there, you can enter a URL to view how Bingbot will get the URL.

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#digitalmarketing: Now ‘Black-owned’ Business Attribute To Local Listings

Starting from Thursday, merchants based in the US who have a verified Business Profile on Google can add a Black-owned business attribute to their respective profiles. Customers will now be able to find and support them easily. As a part of its $300 million commitment for supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs, Google will integrate this attribute to digital skills training programs that it offers black business owners via the Grow with Google Digital Coaches.

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#digitalmarketing: Google Advices Informs Site Owners About Increase In ‘Work From Home’ Searches

Google is informing website owners via Search Console that now is the ideal time for using ‘work from home’ structured data markup. This increase in searches is because of COVID-19’s impact on businesses and employment. Google wants to make website owners to be aware of an opportunity to utilize remote job structured data markup. This isn’t a surprise as there has been a surge in searches related to work from home jobs.

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#digitalmarketing: Google Upgrades Its Search Console for Supporting More Types of Structured Data

Google is upgrading its Search Console with supporting image license structured data. This data can now be tested with Rich Results tool. Google has been officially supporting image licensing structured data since February. It is used to signify whether a specific image is licensable or not. Site owners can markup licensable images with the necessary metadata by using either structured data or IPTC photo metadata.

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#socialmedia: How Can You Stay CCPA Compliant Once Facebook’s Default Limited Data Usage Ends on Aug 1st?

On July 1, Facebook has automatically included advertisers in its new Limited Data Use setting for California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliance. Once Limited Data Use (LDU) gets enabled, Facebook will restrict data from users detected to be in California can be stored and processed. This feature is having a significant impact on advertisers. CCPA offers California residents the right to know how their data is utilized, and what specific categories of data are being collected and sold (e.g. name, IP address) and to disallow companies from doing so.

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#socialmedia: Facebook Post with Most Likes Are Not The Ones Most Viewed In Reality

Facebook’s Head of News Feed John Hegeman has revealed that a handful sees Facebook posts that have maximum engagement. Hegeman has mentioned this while answering to a tweet by Kevin Roose, a New York Times columnist, which drew criticism about a supposed bias in Facebook algorithm. The main cause of criticism is that the sources are not very diverse. This has caused some to believe that Facebook is intentionally pushing content from pages that share a specific viewpoint.

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