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Search Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Microsoft Reports Steady Growth in Bing Search Engine and Edge Browser with User Engagement 

Microsoft has recently reported astounding growth in user engagement with their Edge browser and Bing search engine. As more customers flock to Microsoft’s technologies due to its focus on AI-powered Online services, they are predicting that there will be even further increases allowing them to roll out even more game-changing features and capabilities. With this new insight, it’s clear that Microsoft is well on its way to establishing a strong presence in the ever-expanding market.

Google Updates Desktop Search Results Design 

Google is making desktop search results more user-friendly by incorporating favicons and site names in the search listings. This will help users easily identify sponsored ads on the search page and enable them to distinguish between organic and sponsored links to understand better what content is available on the web. Furthermore, structured data will help ensure that correct site names are displayed accurately. It will make it much easier for users to quickly find the information they need without wasting time scrolling through irrelevant links.

DuckDuck Go Launches a New AI Feature DuckAssist 

DuckDuckGo has raised the bar for search engine technology with its latest introduction, DuckAssist. This generative AI-powered program represents a huge leap forward – it can provide users with more direct and accurate answers than traditional search results ever could. Already available in English on mobile browsers and browser extensions, DuckAssist is being hailed as a game changer in the artificial intelligence race. Allowing users to easily access the information they need with much greater speed and accuracy, it’s no wonder that DuckDuckGo is gaining momentum with this breakthrough.

Google Finished Rolling Out Product Reviews Update on March 7, 2023 

On March 7, 2023, Google’s exciting and long-awaited February 2023 product reviews update finished rolling out across all languages. This update was originally for English only when it kicked off on February 21. Still, this expanded version has impacted numerous other languages, including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Polish. Customers in these countries can now appreciate a more robust product review system when they shop online – giving them a good indication of which products are worth their hard-earned cash. Thanks to this recent update by Google, people worldwide can now make more informed purchasing decisions.

Google Revamped the Google Trends Interface 

This long-awaited Google Trends update has been a welcomed change. Users can stay updated with current news and events by displaying real-time trends on the home page. And by offering relevant articles with the trends, they encourage informed discussion and understanding of the topics at hand. Additionally, it allows those living outside their home country or region to gain insight into other parts of the world. This update will undoubtedly help Google users stay informed on topics that matter to them most in an easy-to-access format.

Microsoft Bing is Working on Bing Chat to Get New Features

Microsoft’s Bing Chat is taking measures to incorporate features that users are asking for. According to Mikhail Parakhin of Microsoft, one of the most requested features is the ability to save historical chats from being revisited and referenced later. This feature request is closer to becoming a reality as Bing continues to add more functionality and make improvements based on user feedback. As an avid user of Bing Chat, this is truly exciting news that furthers their commitment to improving the platform!

What Google’s John Mueller said on Page Size is Not a Ranking Factor?

Google’s John Mueller recently stated on Twitter that page size is not a direct ranking factor, noting that it can affect the on-page experience and crawling. Thankfully, if your page sizes become so large as to be an issue, this is generally rare and should not be a priority for most small businesses. In addition, CSS size does not have an impact on rankings either. This information should help give website owners more insight into creating the best possible experience without worrying about page loading speeds or sizes.

Social Media Related News and Updates From Major Search Engines

Youtube Updates Ad Policy to Allow More Profanity in Videos 

Video content creators are rejoicing with the new updates to YouTube’s ad policy. For years, profanity has been a constant burden for creators, as it prevents them from running advertisements and earning revenue. However, with the updated policy allowing for moderate profanity in videos to be eligible for ads and renewed support of creators, this burden has been greatly relieved – and increased opportunities to monetize content have opened up in ways not expected before. While stronger profanity is still demonetized, the updated policy has gone a long way toward benefitting content creators by allowing more options for monetization.

 PPC Related News and Updates From Major Search Engines

Google Ads Introduces New Feature to Directly Access GA4 Audience Builder in Google Ads UI

Google Ads makes reaching your desired target audience easier with their new feature providing direct access to the GA4 audience builder. By linking your Google Ads account to Analytics, you will be able to gain a better understanding of customer cycles and use accurate data for more successful remarketing campaigns. Understanding who your customers are and how they interact with your business is key when optimizing your targeting strategies. This new feature lets you connect the two platforms and make the most of every ad campaign.

Google Ads Launches New AI-Powered Tool Performance Max for Travel Goals 

Performance, Max for travel goals, is Google’s newest AI-powered tool that brings sophisticated advertising features to the hospitality field. It is designed to take advantage of Google Ads’ Learning Platform, which provides a valuable resource for optimizing campaigns. By offering multi-format ads, hotel advertisers can target more travelers across different media channels, increasing their reach and exposure. Additionally, it boasts automated rules for budgeting, targeting, and setting bids–all facilitating time-efficient and cost-effective ad campaigns that appeal to audiences across markets. This all-in-one marketing solution by Google will become an invaluable asset for hotels looking to maximize their online presence.

Microsoft Announces Local Search Ads for Bing 

Microsoft Advertising’s local search ads tool is revolutionizing how businesses and brands reach online visibility. Not only do they get greater visibility in Bing’s local search results, but the updates from Microsoft this month are helping to expand their possibilities even further. Local search ads are an all-in-one package for businesses, allowing them to make their presence known! Through the code-free custom conversion setup wizard, advertisers can track conversions without updating website code while using different tools to clean up UET tags and create custom audience lists.


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