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Search Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google Rolls Out Reviews Update for November 2023

Google announced the roll-out of its November 2023 reviews update, which significantly changes how a search engine handles review-based content. This update signifies a shift in Google’s approach toward evaluating articles, blog posts, and other standalone content, primarily focusing on opinions and analysis. The new reviews ranking system aims to provide a more comprehensive evaluation of such content, ensuring it is ranked accurately and effectively. However, it is important to note that this update does not assess third-party reviews, such as those left by users on product or service pages. This distinction allows Google to prioritize and differentiate between different types of review-based content.

Google Search Adds a New Search Feature for Shop Deals Page

Google Search recently introduced a new search feature for shopping, specifically aimed at finding the best deals. By simply searching for “Shop Deals,” users are directed to a dedicated search destination that resembles a portal. This new feature allows consumers to easily access the lowest product prices across ten categories. The deals on this page come in markdowns, sales, and promotions, ensuring users can find the most cost-effective options for their shopping needs.

Google’s John Mueller Provides Tips To Improve PageSpeed Insights Tool Scores 

Google’s John Mueller shared valuable tips to improve PageSpeed Insights scores. One of the strategies he suggests is to simplify things on a no-indexed test page. This involves including only one element you are concerned about and experimenting with different optimizations. By doing this, you can identify any limiting factors that may be affecting the performance of your actual page. If the combined page does not react the same way as your test pages, it indicates that other elements on the actual page need to be optimized. In such cases, Mueller recommends copying the actual page, removing the already optimized elements, and then trying different optimizations to enhance the page speed.

Google Adds a New “Activities” Section in Google Business Profiles for Hotel Category Businesses

Google introduced a new ” activities ” feature in select business types within Google Business Profiles. While it appears to be primarily targeted towards hotel-like establishments, not all hotels have access to this option yet, indicating that it might still be in the testing phase. With this new functionality, Google allows businesses to include multiple activity names and details such as pricing, target audience (adults or children), and a direct link to book the activity online. This addition gives businesses a convenient way to showcase their activities, enhancing visibility and attracting potential customers.

Google Redesigns the Page Experience Overview Report Within Google Search Console 

Google rolled out a redesign of the page experience overview report in Google Search Console. This new design presents a more simplified and informative screen than the previous version. The updated overview screen provides users with a basic overview of their page’s performance in terms of user experience. However, it is worth noting that the new design offers much less data than its predecessor. Despite the reduction in data, the redesigned page experience overview screen aims to provide web admins and site owners with a clear and concise understanding of their page’s overall performance and user experience.

Social Media Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

YouTube Tests Two Experimental Generative AI Features

YouTube constantly strives to enhance the user experience and engagement on its platform. The company is currently testing two experimental generative AI features as part of this effort. These features, available exclusively to a select group of YouTube Premium members, aim to integrate artificial intelligence into the viewing experience. One of the features focuses on comment topic summaries, where generative AI breaks down the comment sections of long-form videos into concise and thematic snippets. This lets users quickly see the discussions in the comments section. The second feature being tested is a conversational AI tool that operates alongside video playback. This tool answers queries about the video and suggests related content to keep users engaged and informed.

PPC Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google Launches New Generative AI Features in its Performance Max Advertising Product

Google launched new generative AI features in its Performance Max Advertising Product. These features aim to address the challenge of asset variety, which is crucial for a successful Performance Max campaign. Many advertisers have shared their difficulties in creating and scaling assets for cross-channel campaigns. With the new AI capabilities, users will now have the ability to generate new text and image assets with just a few clicks. This will significantly simplify asset creation and allow advertisers to scale their campaigns quickly. The platform will also offer AI-powered image editing capabilities, enabling users to enhance new and existing creative materials.

Microsoft Ads Announces New Bid Strategies For Microsoft Audience Network

Microsoft Ads announced new bid strategies for the Microsoft Audience Network, offering advertisers two options to maximize conversions. The first strategy, Maximize Conversions, aims to deliver the most conversions within the advertiser’s budget. This strategy provides the flexibility of setting maximum CPC (Cost per Click) and CPA (Cost per Acquisition) limits, allowing advertisers to control their spending while optimizing for conversions. The second strategy, Target Cost per Acquisition (CPA), focuses on achieving the highest conversions at a specific target CPA. This option is ideal for advertisers with specific cost goals in mind. However, it is important to note that these bid strategies are incompatible with 3rd-party platform bidding, which advertisers should consider when implementing their campaign strategies.

Google Ads New Policy Disallows Location Assets For Closed Locations 

Google Ads implemented a new policy that disallows the use of location assets for closed locations. This update aims to define the types of location assets that are not allowed on the platform. It is important to note that all applicable policies will be enforced on location assets to ensure compliance. As a result, any locations that are closed, not recognized by Google, or do not match the business running the ad (excluding affiliate locations) will not be allowed as location assets. Any assets with products or services that do not check the specified location will also be prohibited.


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