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Search Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google’s John Mueller Answers on the Impact of Using the Article Semantic HTML Element

During a recent Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout, John Mueller addressed a question about the impact of using the Article Semantic HTML element. Mueller stated that using the Article element can help search engines understand the structure and context of content on a webpage. This can lead to improved indexing and ranking of the page in search results. However, he also mentioned that simply adding the Article element to a webpage will not guarantee higher rankings. It is important to focus on creating high-quality, relevant content that users will find valuable. Using the Article element is just one aspect of optimizing a webpage for search engines.

Google Officially Announces to Downgrade Visibility of HowTo and FAQ Rich Results

In a recent announcement, Google has made it known that it will be reducing the visibility of two types of rich results, namely the HowTo and FAQ. Rich results are enhanced search results that provide more information to users directly on the search engine results page. HowTo-rich results typically feature step-by-step instructions for completing a task, while FAQ-rich results offer answers to frequently asked questions. While Google has not provided specific reasons for this downgrade, it is likely part of its ongoing efforts to improve the quality and relevance of search results.

Google Announces a New Ranking Framework Called Term Weighting BERT

Google recently unveiled an innovative ranking framework known as Term Weighting BERT (TW-BERT), which has the potential to revolutionize search results. This framework is designed to improve the accuracy and relevance of search rankings, providing users with more precise and valuable results. What makes TW-BERT even more impressive is its compatibility with existing ranking systems, making it easy to deploy without significant modifications. With this new development, Google aims to enhance the user experience by seamlessly delivering more relevant and valuable information.

Google’s John Mueller Says Trying to Enhance User Experience is not Enough to Boost Your Rankings on Google Search

In a recent statement, Google’s John Mueller emphasized the importance of not just attempting to provide a good user experience but succeeding. He made it clear that simply trying to improve the page experience of a website will not result in any ranking benefit in Google Search. According to Mueller, what matters to Google is whether a website effectively delivers a positive page experience to its users. This statement highlights the significance of prioritizing user satisfaction and ensuring that websites are optimized to provide a seamless and enjoyable browsing experience.

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, Says Don’t Delete Older Content, It May Be Helpful Content

In a recent PSA on Twitter, Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, debunked the misconception that Google Search does not favor old content. According to Sullivan, it is not true that Google Search dislikes old content. On the contrary, Google’s algorithms are designed to recognize the value of older content and its potential to be helpful to users. Therefore, website owners and content creators should refrain from deleting old content under the assumption that it will negatively impact their search visibility. Instead, they should focus on maintaining and improving the quality of their existing content while also creating fresh and relevant content to supplement it.

Google Search Tests Star Store Badge in the Search Results

Google is currently conducting a test where they are considering replacing the existing “top quality store” badge with a new “star store” badge in their search results. This change comes after the previous “Trusted Store” badge was replaced with the “Top Quality Store” badge. The purpose of these badges is to provide users with an indication of the reliability and quality of a particular store. By testing different variations, Google aims to optimize the user experience and ensure that the displayed badges accurately represent the stores’ reputation.

Google’s John Mueller Says You Don’t Need A Niche Site To Rank On A Topic in the Search Results

Google’s John Mueller recently made an interesting statement on Twitter, contradicting the popular belief that having a niche site is essential for ranking in Google. According to Mueller, having a niche site can sometimes hinder your chances of ranking. He further elaborated that a page doesn’t necessarily have to be on a site directly related to the niche to be valuable and helpful. This statement challenges the traditional notion of niche sites being the only way to achieve higher rankings, suggesting that there may be other factors regarding Google’s ranking algorithm.

Social Media Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

YouTube Announces New Linking Policy to Curb Spam and Fraud 

YouTube, the popular video-sharing platform, has recently introduced new policies in its ongoing battle against spam and fraud. Effective August 31, 2023, links in YouTube Shorts comments and descriptions will gradually become unclickable. This strategic shift aims to reduce the prevalence of spam and scams plaguing the platform. However, to provide creators with alternative means of sharing crucial links, YouTube plans to introduce a new feature that allows them to include such links on their channel pages. Creators can start setting up these new profile links from August 10, and viewers will be able to see them beginning August 23.

Instagram’s Threads Introduces New Features in The Latest App Update

Instagram’s Threads app has recently rolled out a new update that brings six exciting features to its users. The update aims to enhance the overall user experience and make navigating the app more convenient. One notable addition is the ability for users to view all the Threads posts they have liked easily. This can be accessed through a dedicated option in the settings menu, allowing users to find and revisit their favorite content quickly. Another noteworthy feature is the support for image alt-text and rel=me links, which enables users to verify their accounts on platforms like Mastodon. This addition further enhances user security and authenticity on the app. These new features are a welcome addition to Instagram’s Threads app, making it more user-friendly and versatile.

X Announces New Brand Safety Features For Advertisers

X (formerly known as Twitter) has recently been diligently working towards creating a more profitable advertising environment. Over the past nine months, they have taken significant steps towards achieving this goal by introducing new brand safety features. These features are designed to give advertisers increased control and assurance regarding their brand’s reputation and visibility on the platform. By implementing these measures, X aims to create a safer and more secure advertising ecosystem, encouraging advertisers to invest more in their platform.

PPC Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google Updates its Best Practices Guide for Performance Max Campaigns

Google’s updated Performance Max guide is an invaluable resource for retail marketers seeking to enhance their strategies. The guide offers fresh insights and recommendations on targeting major retail events effectively, streamlining campaign structures, and acquiring high-value customers. Marketers can capitalize on the increased consumer demand during these periods by aligning their advertising efforts with key retail events. Additionally, streamlining campaign structures ensures that resources are allocated efficiently, and campaigns are optimized for maximum Performance. The guide also highlights new reporting features that enable marketers to make more data-driven decisions.

Google Introduces New AI Tools To Help Advertisers Optimize Holiday Ad Strategies this Holiday Season 

Google recently announced the launch of its new AI advertising tools specifically designed for advertisers. These tools are set to revolutionize how advertisers understand their customers and products. By utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, these tools provide valuable insights into shoppers’ behaviors, preferences, and purchasing patterns. Advertisers can use this information to personalize their marketing strategies and deliver targeted advertisements that resonate with their target audience.

Google Adds New Option in the Google Business Profile Appeal for Fix Photo That Doesn’t Show

Google has recently introduced a new feature within the Google Business Profile appeal process, allowing users to request a fix for photos not displaying on their profiles. This option provides a convenient way to address issues where a photo fails to appear on the Google Business Profile despite being uploaded correctly. By submitting a support request through this feature, users can now seek assistance from Google to rectify the problem and ensure that their intended images are visible to potential customers or clients.


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