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Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

Google Announces: Rankings Drop After Mobile Usability Fail?

A Reddit post about search console warnings about mobile usability was followed by a rankings drop on a medical website. John Mueller from Google replied, claiming that the two events were related. The person was upset because they fixed the issue and verified the fix through the Google search console, but the rankings did not improve. According to Google’s help page, their algorithm assesses whether a website is trustworthy, authoritative, and expert based on numerous factors, particularly for Your Money Your Life pages on medical topics.

Google’s John Mueller On How To Handle Negative SEO Attacks

According to Mueller, the Google Search Advocate, there is an easy method to deal with negative SEO attacks, such as competitors building spammy links to your domain. In response to a thread on Reddit, Mueller addresses this subject. A person in the r/SEO forum believes they are the target of a negative SEO campaign and is seeking advice. It’s not surprising that Mueller is direct and to the point. A competitor competent enough to build links Google will recognize probably won’t waste their time with negative SEO attacks like this one does, which was put up by an amateur at best!

Google Announces the Removal of Search Features Bug Confirmation & Replaces It With Google Discover Search Console Reporting Error

Google has taken an unexpected step by deleting one of the confirmed data anomalies notes about a search features bug and adding a new note confirming a bug with Google Discover logging resulting in a data drop in the Search Console Discover performance reports on 23rd October. On 28th October, Google published a notice stating that a defect in Google Search limited some search options, including Top Stories. You can see the message in the screenshot I supplied or here. According to Google, a bug in their software caused search features like Top Stories issues around October 18-19. The notice was removed on 7th November, but it was still live on 29th October. Why was this notice removed? Why didn’t they include a note to explain that the bug had been fixed? Google Search also suffered from a logging error on 23rd October, resulting in an incorrect drop in Google Discover performance reporting. The search results were unaffected, but the reporting glitch caused the result to appear as if it had dropped.

Google Confirms Search Console API Delay, To Be Fixed In Days

Due to processing issues, the Google Search Console API takes longer to process than usual. Daniel Waisberg from Google said, “the delay was caused by processing issues and should be back to normal in the next few days.” The developer said they are looking into reports of a delay in data from one day to two days, but it affects only full models. He added that this should not cause any problems with fresh predictions because those always go through normally. The Search Console data is delayed, but not crazy. A confirmed bug means waiting for a patch or an update before using this feature again in production environments is best.

Google Announces: Sites With Good Category Pages Don’t Need Internal Search Results Indexed

Google recommends that you never let Google index your internal search result pages. Even if you have good category pages, John Mueller of Google says you should not test this out if you agree with his advice. A category page can be sufficient to answer the questions of most of your site’s visitors without requiring them to search the site to find what they want, John says. In other words, people won’t need to search your site to find what they want; they’ll be able to find what they want using your navigation. You may want to create category pages to serve as search result pages, and if you want Google to rank them, they should be indexed. John additionally cautioned that having your internal search results pages could lead to spam or other issues. John cautioned that ‘It’s also possible to unintentionally end up with “buy cheap pharmaceuticals at 1-800-PILLS4YOU” search pages indexed if you don’t take care of them beforehand.’

Google Announces: Work On The Larger SEO Issues Before The One Off Issues

John Mueller recommended the obvious. If you have SEO work to do and it’s not a large problem before tackling smaller ones like one-offs? You might end up frustrated with no progress on your larger task! John Mueller of Google said on Mastodon the other day that one page is a typo. But if you have an issue with millions or even thousands of pages-that is more visible and sized to be seen as such by everyone who visits your site! John’s advice? “If you can only fix one, do the ones that affect millions of pages. If it is a small and quick task for an experienced developer or someone new starting in their career – take care of both!”

Google Rewriting Your Titles Is Not A Sign Of A Quality Issue, Said Google

John Mueller from Google said on Twitter that title rewriting is not a sign of an issue with your page or site. It just means you were busy doing something else when we came across this one. He also points out how my titles could improve, so I’ll have fun working on them! Lily Ray’s question has merit. A potential quality issue with Google Overwriting our article titles at scale (say 60% of your articles) could be a problem for us if they are indeed doing this on purpose to override our work as SEOs! John Mueller, a Google representative, said, ‘I would not consider most of those quality signals. A good site typically has a poor title element, while a bad site typically has a good title element.’

Social Media Related news & Updates

Instagram Announces that Users Can Schedule Posts & Reels In The App

With the recent update, Instagram account holders can schedule posts and reels up to 75 days in advance directly from the mobile app. Before this, it wasn’t possible to schedule Instagram posts in the app. Users had to go through third-party tools or use desktop solutions such as Meta Business Suite. With nothing more than the mobile app for iOS or Android, you can now schedule Instagram posts. However, you must have a professional account to do so. If you use Instagram for business, you probably have a professional account. You can upgrade from a standard version to an account for free, and easy if you don’t.

YouTube Confirms Shorts Now Available On TV

YouTube is now offering a new format for short videos on its website. The company has announced that these shorts will be available in an optimized television-style mode, similar to how shows are broadcasted during primetime hours. Before this release, vertical videos could not be played in landscape mode in a clean, white-bordered format that included information such as the video’s title, audio format, creator names, and similar/dislike icons. Now you can play vertical content in a white-bordered format on a wider screen. When Shorts launches on televisions, YouTube will gain a significant advantage over competitors since most smart TVs come with an installed YouTube app rather than requiring a separate app like TikTok.


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