We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know: 

Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

Google’s Algorithms Can Recognise When Multiple Sources Concur on the Same Fact

Google’s Multitask Unified Model (MUM) algorithm can now determine when several reliable sources concur on a given fact. The MUM algorithm has been enhanced so that Google can recognize when many online sites reach a consensus. This MUM update is a component of a larger initiative to raise web-wide information literacy. 

Wix Integrates the URL Inspection API from Google

In order to make it simple for users to establish and maintain a strong online presence, Wix is immediately integrating Google’s URL Inspection API into the new Wix Site Inspection Tool. Now, users can gain insights into how Google is indexing a website and troubleshoot technical difficulties like structured data throughout the entire website.

Microsoft Bing Enhances Shopping Searches With Coupon Codes

Microsoft Bing is now annotating product search results with additional information, such as live discount codes for shops’ websites. Online shoppers no longer have to worry about losing out on a chance to save money. If a coupon or promotion is available, Bing will let you know in the SERPs. Simply click the annotation, select Copy & Go, and then carry on purchasing as normal. During checkout, the coupon will automatically be applied to the transaction. 

Avoid Duplicate Content When Posting to Business Profiles on Google

A revised policy on content regulations states that duplicate content is now regarded as spam in posts made by Google Business Profiles. In the section of its Business Profile Posts Content Policy where it advises users to stay away from spam, Google added a line. On the list of things people shouldn’t put on their business profiles is content. 

Rich Media File Best Practices for Google 404s

The Rich media file best practices have been removed by Google and set to 404. According to Google, “material about rich-media files, such Silverlight and Flash,” was removed. Why? The best part of Google’s statement is that it “turns out it’s not 2005 anymore.”

Google Updates Product Structured Data Support Document to Include GTIN12 Property

Google’s help center contains structured data documentation for its products using the gtin12 property. Note that although Google has always supported the gtin12 attribute, the documentation didn’t include it until recently. Google further stressed that while you can use the generic GTIN property for all GTINs, it is best to utilize the one that is as precise as possible.

Google Examines Search Refinements in Desktop Autocomplete

Google may be experimenting with providing search improvements in the desktop search experience’s autocomplete feature, Google Suggest. About a year ago, we noticed this in mobile search, and now we notice it in desktop search. This one was shared in action by Manikandan N on Twitter. 

Google Rich Results: As FAQs Decline, People Also Ask increases

Google may be showing more FAQ-rich results, and fewer People also ask for rich results.

There are significant oscillations in some affluent results’ frequency of displaying, according to Semrush and RankRanger. 

Social Media Updates and News

Ads For Small Businesses Are Now Automated By Meta

To assist advertising from small businesses in using automation and AI advancements, Meta is releasing new products. Now, small businesses can use Meta’s Advantage+ advertising technologies when creating an advertisement through a Facebook page. Full-fledged campaigns were the only ones that could use Advantage+, Meta’s most sophisticated AI and automation solution for advertisers. When running single ads from now on, it will be utilized.

Advantage+ is also getting an upgrade from Meta, including new features for app campaigns, retail campaigns, and more.

Users Can Now Add Clickable Links To Photo Posts On LinkedIn

Thanks to a new LinkedIn feature, users will soon be able to connect external websites to photographs posted in posts. The link sticker can come in several sizes and be affixed to videos. This gives you an additional method of directing visitors to your website from your personal or company’s LinkedIn profile. Lindsey Gamble, an expert in influencer marketing, posted numerous screenshots of LinkedIn’s new function on Twitter.


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