We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

Now You Can Share Data Between Search Engines: the Updated Indexnow Protocol

Microsoft has recently updated the index now protocol launched in October 2021. The protocol makes sure that all the URLs submitted to an IndexNow Search Engines are immediately getting submitted to all the other search engines. Guess how much time this new update is going to save you!

Google Says Cant Provide Specifications About the Core Algorithm Updates

Google is all set and preparing for the new algorithm updates that might roll out in the future, but, for now, they refuse to give more details about it. This discussion took place in the latest Search off the record podcast, where the Google’s search relations team expressed how frustrated they are for not being able to share any information on these updates.

 John Muller Explains Why the Uniqueness of Your Content Can Help You Rank Better

During the latest Googles hangout, discussion a publisher raised a query. He asked John Muller whether the uniqueness of the content mattered to the search engines for better ranking or we are just wasting time running after content thieves? He raised this question after he noticed that thousands of websites copied his original content on their websites.

Google Says: You Can Not Compare Nofollow Feature Noindex

During the latest Google search central SEO office hours hangout recorded on January 7, Googles John Muller advised the viewers that the Nofollow link feature is not a substitute for the noindex directive! Googlebot has the ability to detect and scan all the Nofollowed links. As a result, it should not be utilized to keep a page out of Google’s index. 

Google Explains How to Aid Google in Ranking Products With Similar Descriptions

During a Google Search Central SEO Office Hours Hangout, Google’s John Muller offers some of his creative advice on writing unique product descriptions. A lot of times, it gets a little challenging to make an interesting description for similar types of products without involving any duplicity. John Muller states that having duplicate content is not a bad signal. With the help of unique descriptions, Google can definitely help you rank higher compared to other products in the market.

A New Update on Google Search Ranking, Which is Yet to be Confirmed

On January 11, 2022, maybe there was a Google search ranking algorithm upgrade. This would be the year’s first true unconfirmed update in 2022. Both of these subjects have been trending since January 10 and are still trending today. Furthermore, numerous tracking systems are indicating significant changes in Google search results. So, don’t lose your hopes yet, the updates can be rolling anytime. All you have to do is a little wait. 

Google States That Fluff Content is Hard For the Search Engines to Rank or Understand

John Muller from Google said on Twitter the other day that the example that was given to him was more about fluff than duplicate content. When we are talking about fluff content, it is hard for search engines to understand what they are trying to communicate, He added!

Managers and Owners Now Have to Wait For 7 Days to Manage Profiles.

Google introduces a new security feature where the managers and owners have to wait for 7 days to Manage their profiles.This literally means that Google is going to put them in a sandbox or penalty box before they can manage all the available features in their Google Business Profile Account. 

Social Media Updates And News

Have a Look at the New Twitter Updates That Include Video Replies and More

Twitter has announced four new updates this week. These updates include new ways to help you react to the tweets, new ways to help you compose a tweet, and much more. Some of these features are still in the stage of testing but, if they are successful then, they will be rolled out widely! Have a look at what these new features are!


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