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GA4 New Update: “Once Per Session” Conversion Counting Method 

If you’re a regular user of Google Analytics, you may have noticed some changes in how conversion tracking is handled in GA4. One of these key changes is introducing a “once per session” counting method, which allows you to track certain events (such as e-commerce transactions or form submissions) only once per user session. Transitioning to this new counting method is a piece of cake, with the ability to switch between “once per event” and “once per session” settings from your Analytics dashboard.

What Google Gary IIIynes Said on Sudden Keyword Ranking Drop?

Website owners everywhere know how crucial visibility on search engines can be. So, it can be quite concerning when a website disappears from search results for a specific keyword. Gary Illyes of Google’s SEO Office Hours has addressed this issue. He provided insight into what might be happening behind the scenes and offered some tips on regaining visibility. However, by learning more about what might be causing a drop in search engine visibility, website owners can better address the problem and get their sites back on track.

Google Warns Against HTTP Status Codes Cloaking 

Maintaining the credibility of your website is crucial for long-term success. It’s important to remember that cloaking is against Google’s guidelines, and although it may seem tempting, it can ultimately harm your SEO efforts. Instead, consider using the “noindex” tag as a safer alternative to removing pages from search results. Prioritizing transparency in your SEO strategy helps with rankings and provides a better user experience for your visitors. By sticking to ethical SEO practices, you can ensure your website remains a trustworthy source in your industry.

Google Released Google April 2023 Reviews Update on April 12, 2023.

The Google April 2023 Reviews Update marks a significant shift in the prioritization of user experience in search results. By emphasizing signals of expertise, such as the quality and quantity of reviews, Google hopes to provide users with more credible and relevant information. Along with the update, Google has released new documentation for website owners outlining how to optimize content for the Reviews System Algorithm.

Google Updates Guidance on What Triggers Video Thumbnails in the SERPs 

Google has recently introduced changes to its video search results, and it’s important to take note of these changes. To offer guidance to its users, Google has added documentation to its Search Central pages that explains how the changes have affected certain cases. These changes mean fewer videos will appear in search results for specific cases. While this may surprise some content creators, the changes have been made to improve the overall user experience. With these updates, users can expect more diverse content in their search results, making finding what they’re looking for easier. 

What does Bing Say on Private Domain Registration & SEO?

Did you know that private domain registration might affect your website’s ranking on Bing? While Google may claim it does not impact SEO or ranking, Fabrice Canel from Microsoft Bing has suggested otherwise as one of the ranking signals for Bing, private domain registration could potentially boost your website’s search results. While it may not be the only factor, it’s worth considering when optimizing your website’s visibility. So, if you want to improve your website’s search engine ranking, it may be worth looking into private domain registration as a potential strategy.

PPC  Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Microsoft & Roku Collaborate to Enhance the Ad-Buying Experience 

The advertising world constantly evolves, and companies always look for ways to make the ad-buying process more effective and efficient. That’s why the recent collaboration between Microsoft and Roku Advertising is such exciting news. By working together, these two leading companies can improve the ad buying experience and optimize ad performance for brands and advertisers. 

Google Major Changes in Google Ads and Attribution Models for Advertisers 

Google’s announcement to remove four attribution models in Google Ads and Google Analytics has sparked various reactions from advertisers—some express concerns about losing valuable insights. In contrast, others are worried about potential biases toward Google Ads. The move aims to promote a more streamlined, data-driven approach to attribution modeling. From May 2023, The change demonstrates Google’s commitment to improving the accuracy and efficiency of its advertising platform.

Google is Testing Local Finder Images for Ads 

Google might be experimenting with a new approach for its local search results. Reports indicate that only ads may be displayed with images in the local finder, which showcases the business profile. The map image may be the only one displayed for the other listings without ads. This change could significantly impact business owners whose listings don’t have ads, as their images won’t be shown to users who search for local businesses. This move could also signal Google’s plan to push more companies to advertise on their platform. It’s an interesting development, as it could pave the way for further changes in how businesses are featured in search results.

 Google Testing Expanded Your Google Ad Summary With Edit Ad & Apply Recommendations 

Google Ads just got even more user-friendly. Remember “Your Google Ad Summary,” that handy feature when you’re logged into your account? Well, it’s expanding, my friends. Now you can edit some of your ads and apply recommendations straight from the summary section, making it easier than ever to optimize your online campaigns. This update is great news for anyone who uses Google Ads for their business, as it saves time and streamlines the process of managing your ads.


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