We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

Google Has Started to Use AI in Order to Update Business Information

Google has revealed that it will automatically update business hours and real-world road information using artificial intelligence (AI) and a machine learning (ML) model. These programmes aim to give people more up-to-date information regarding developments in their neighbourhoods. 

John Muller From Google States That it is Completely Normal For Cached JavaScript Pages to Be Empty

In Google’s cache, JavaScript-based webpages may appear blank or unfinished, which is typical and not indicative of any issues. In the latest part of the Ask Googlebot video series on YouTube, Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller states this. 

Google Talks About Three Different Strategies That Will Help You Adjust to Privacy-First Marketing

Google produced a data and measurement strategy post that looks at the near future of cookies, privacy, and conversion tracking. The article describes what marketers should expect in 2023 and what they should be doing to prepare.

Google’s Product Reviews Update For March 2022 is Finally Out!

According to Alan Kent of Google, the March 2022 Google Product Reviews upgrade is now fully rolled out. The update began on March 23, 2022, and finished on April 11, 2022, 19 days later.

Alan Kent informed on Twitter, “Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding.

It was almost there… almost there… almost there…

Yes! The implementation is now complete!” 

You are Now Allowed to Add More Products to the Comparative Search Feature

For numerous years, Google has displayed the opportunity to compare one product to the next in Google Search. However, Google now allows you to rapidly add extra products to its comparative search feature. Glenn Gabe was the first to notice this and shared some screenshots on Twitter. So don’t be surprised if you see the “depth comparison” tool in the comparison search widget.

You can Now Refine the People Also Ask Results According to Your Needs

In the people also inquire portion of Microsoft Bing’s search results, refinement selectors are visible. You can use those refinement bubbles to further filter the people as well as the results. This should undoubtedly help in getting faster answers to questions that are truly relevant to the searcher’s goal. Furthermore, you are less likely to fall down the rabbit hole of several dropdown icon clicks.

When it Comes to Manipulating Search Rankings, Google Now Says That Automatically Generated Content is Against the Rules

Automatically generated material is only against the guidelines if it is “designed to manipulate search rankings,” according to Google’s new webmaster guidelines document. This was just added to the main webmaster guidelines. However, the identical language has been used in the exact document for the past couple of years, “where it’s intended to manipulate search rankings and not serve users.”

Last week, a bullet point on the website said “Automatically created content” was against the webmaster rules. “Automatically generated information meant to manipulate search rankings,” it now says. The sentence “when it’s designed to manipulate search rankings and not aid people” appeared to be on every detailed page. According to Google, the quality of AI content is currently insufficient for search quality purposes. However, Google has stated that it is possible that it will be one day. 

You Will Now See Google Search Console Showing Links From a Redirected Domain to a New One

Google’s John Mueller was questioned if the links report in Search Console will include links from a redirected domain to the new site. Yes, if the links are redirected and you moved your site from domain A to domain B, the links going to domain A will redirect to domain B. Of course, the Google Search Console links report only shows a sample of your links, so not all of them will appear. However, a random sample of redirected URLs will appear. 

Google Trusted Store Badge is Now Operational!

Google revealed the new Google Shopping trusted store badge a few weeks ago. It appears to be completely operational as of just a few days ago. When you click on the trusted store badge, it also tells you why that particular store is “trusted.” “Google’s “Trusted Store” merchant badging really pops,” said Brian Freiesleben, who noticed it rolling out yesterday and tweeted about it on Twitter. 

Social Media Updates and News

Google Has Recently Made New Additions to it’s YouTube Connected TV Capabilities

Because of the pandemic, advertisers have been interested in using connected TV for the previous two years. Over 72 per cent of homes use a smart TV to watch Connected TV, as more people stay at home and work from home. It used to be difficult for small businesses to get into CTV (Connected TV) advertising. Getting started with CTV is now easier than ever, thanks to technological advancements.

Last year, YouTube joined with Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings for easy measurement with other media to let you invest in CTV with confidence. 

Everyone Can Use Youtube’s Keyword Research Tool From This Month Onwards

Later this month, YouTube Search Insights, a tool meant to reveal useful keyword data, will be available to all channels. The launch comes after a restricted test period that began in November and gave everyone a sneak peek at what to expect from Search Insights. Since it was pushed out to a few users a few months ago, YouTube hasn’t made any big changes to Search Insights. If you were a member of the test group, you can continue to use the tool as you have in the past. 

Now You Will be Allowed to Search Comments on Reddit!

Reddit is releasing a slew of new search features, including the ability to search comments and get more relevant results. Everything is searchable for the first time in Reddit’s history. Users, posts, communities, and even comments may be found via the site’s search box. With an algorithm that understands search intent and includes new ranking signals, Reddit search is also becoming smarter. Reddit is also improving its search experience with a brand new user interface. 


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