We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

Google Expands Performance Max Campaigns’ Access to Optimization Score

For Performance Max campaigns, Google is releasing six new capabilities, including the eagerly anticipated optimization score. Advertisers now have a quick and simple approach to pinpoint problem areas before launching a Performance Max campaign. Additionally, recently updated explanations will assist in addressing queries about a campaign’s effectiveness following launch.

Will Using HTTP Links Affect SEO?

Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller provided an unusual answer to the subject of whether linking to unencrypted HTTP web pages has any detrimental consequences on SEO. It stands to reason that visitors would view a page’s capacity to link to HTTP pages as a negative aspect of their user experience.

Videos are Added to Google’s Popular Products Section.

Google is experimenting with including a movies section in the list of top products in Google Search.

Although we have not yet noticed it, Punit posted screenshots of it on Twitter. Again, we attempted to duplicate this but were unsuccessful, so if this is a test, or is it going out gradually? 

Google Search Aims To Improve Rich Cards Layout With News, Videos, And More

For celebrity names and other comparable inquiries, Google is experimenting with a new style that places these rich cards that resemble portals at the top of the Google Search results. You can view a sizable image slideshow, her net worth, news boxes, videos, age, and other information while searching for “Oprah Winfrey.” 

Now Supporting UTM Term, UTM Content, Conversion, and Bounce Rate Metrics in Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 announced earlier this week that all Google Analytics 4 accounts now have access to new metrics and dimensions. UTM term, UTM content, conversion, and bounce rate are some of these new metrics and dimensions. 

The Google My Business App Has Been Discontinued

We were aware that Google would discontinue the Google My Business App when it changed the name of Google My Business to Google Business Profile. The Google My Business app is no longer accessible as of this writing. When you try to launch the Google My Business App on your phone, you see that notification. Google claims, “On Google Maps & Search, you can manage your business profile, see how you’re doing, and interact with customers. Receive alerts for Google Maps.” 

Box marked “Shop For” in Bing Images

A “shop for” box is now displayed in the results of Bing Image Search, thanks to a new feature from Microsoft. When you click on the “shop for” area, Bing Image Search changes to the search you clicked on rather than taking you to Bing Shopping. 

PPC Related Updates and News

Google AdsBot Mobile Web Crawler Gets New User Agent String 

Google has updated the user agent string for the AdsBot Mobile Web crawler. Google said if you hard-coded the old user agent string, you will want to make sure to update that in your code. This was updated in the Google crawler documentation. 

Social Media Updates and News

Questions About Community Guidelines Appeals Addressed by YouTube

In a new video, YouTube clarifies the community guidelines appeal procedure by responding to frequently asked issues from creators. A YouTube product manager clarifies misconceptions around who evaluate appeals, how soon appeals are assessed, what to include in appeals and other issues. If you receive a strike against your channel, this information will assist you in understanding and through the community guidelines process.

You may now delete unwanted mentions on Twitter

With the help of a brand-new unmentioned tool, Twitter lets users remove their tags from messages. Unmentioned enables individuals to withdraw from a conversation they do not wish to be a part of. It’s an improvement over muting a chat because it removes the reference to the specified person’s account and stops others from bringing up the subject again.


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