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Search Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google’s John Mueller Answers Why a Site Doesn’t Rank for Low Competition Keywords Despite “Good” SEO

In a recent discussion, Google’s John Mueller shed light on why a website may not be ranking well despite implementing good SEO practices. According to Mueller, Google’s advice usually focuses more on the technical aspects of SEO, such as structured data, page speed, and content quality. However, site promotion should be given more emphasis. This suggests that while a website may excel in technical optimization, it may still need to improve to rank if it lacks effective promotion strategies.

Google Introduces the New Option for Businesses to Add Social Media Profile Links in their Google Business Profile

Google has rolled out a new feature that allows businesses to include links to their social media profiles in their Google Business Profile. This is a significant development as it will enable companies to highlight their social media presence alongside other important information in Google Search and Maps. By adding these profile links, businesses can effectively showcase their brand and engage with potential customers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This feature not only enhances a company’s online visibility but also enables them to connect with their target audience more meaningfully.

John Mueller Shares His Thoughts on Domain Names and SEO

During a discussion on Mastodon, Google’s John Mueller shared his perspective on domain names and SEO. He advised that it is important to choose a domain name for your brand that will remain relevant in the long term rather than solely focusing on collecting keywords. Mueller emphasized the importance of building out a comprehensive domain. When it comes to SEO, he mentioned that dashes are slightly better than underscores in URLs, but he cautioned against changing URLs solely for this reason. Additionally, he advised against using spaces, commas, colons, and other special characters in URLs. Mueller concluded by stating that while a domain name does play a role in SEO, it alone cannot make or break your search engine rankings.

What Google’s John Mueller Says About the Websites That Depend on Google Discover Traffic?

In a recent statement, Google’s John Mueller expressed concern about websites that rely heavily on Google Discover for their traffic. He highlighted the potential risks associated with such dependence, stating that it is unfavorable regardless of the specific circumstances. Mueller’s remarks serve as a reminder for website owners and content creators to diversify their traffic sources and not solely rely on a single platform for their online presence. By adopting a multi-channel approach and exploring various avenues to attract visitors, website owners can mitigate the potential negative impact of relying solely on Google Discover for their traffic.

Google Introduces a New Feature Definition Overlay Links in Search Generative Experience

Google has recently introduced a new feature in its Search Generative Experience (SGE) that adds definition-based contextual links to certain words within the answers and results. This functionality is reminiscent of the featured snippet-injected definition links that Google provides. However, the unique aspect of this feature is that it allows users to initiate a conversation within the SGE when they seek additional details. Users can delve deeper into the topic by clicking on these contextual links and engage in a more interactive and informative search experience.

Google Tests Manage Photo Buttons in Google Business Profile

Google is currently testing an update to the Google Business Profile web interface. This update includes adding a “Manage Photos” button, allowing business owners to upload and organize their photos on their profile easily. Introducing this new feature demonstrates Google’s commitment to empowering businesses to showcase their products and services in the best possible light. It also comes shortly after testing the Food Ordering button, another valuable tool that allows businesses in the food industry to streamline their online ordering process.

Social Media Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Threads App Introduces Reposts Feature on Profiles and Following Feed

Threads, a messaging app by Instagram, is rolling out a new feature that allows users to repost content on their Threads profiles and in their following feed. This new addition aims to enhance the user experience by enabling them to share engaging posts with friends and followers easily. With this feature, Threads users can curate their profiles with the content they find inspiring or entertaining, further establishing their brand and interests. Introducing reposts on Threads profiles and feeds is an exciting development that showcases Instagram’s commitment to providing its users with innovative and engaging features.

PPC Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google Tests Paid Customer Support Options for its Advertisers 

Google is currently conducting a paid pilot program to test a new customer support service for its advertisers who utilize Google Ads. This initiative aims to provide specialized and personalized support to the smallest customers of Google. The paid version of customer support offers one-on-one assistance tailored to these advertisers’ specific needs. By providing this service, Google intends to enhance the overall experience of its customers and ensure that their advertising campaigns on Google Ads are well-supported and optimized.

Microsoft Advertising New Updates to Advertiser Identity Verification 

Microsoft has recently made a significant update to relax these requirements. Initially, Microsoft stated that all customers would need to undergo advertiser identity verification by 1 August to continue displaying their ads globally. However, after careful review and consideration, Microsoft has decided to modify its approach to unverified advertisers. This modification allows more time to optimize their verification process while minimizing any negative impact on their customers. This demonstrates Microsoft’s commitment to ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for advertisers and users of their advertising platform.

Google Ads Tests AI-Generative Solution in Help Guide

Google Ads is continuously looking for ways to improve its services and provide better support to its advertisers. The company is now testing a new AI-generative solution for help guides and answers to achieve this. By incorporating artificial intelligence into its support system, Google aims to enhance the overall user experience and make it easier for advertisers to find the information they need. To gather feedback and refine this new feature, Google has reached out to select advertisers, inviting them to try out the AI-generated answers in their help guides.


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