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Search Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google Tips to Enhance Your Business Reputation & Trust on Google Merchant Center

Google has offered guidance on how businesses can build customer trust through a document published on the Google Merchant Center. The document offers valuable insights into how businesses can communicate their values, provide transparency, and create a seamless customer experience that fosters loyalty and repeat business. By following these guidelines, businesses can ensure that they provide the highest level of service and establish a reputation as a trustworthy brand within their industry.

Google: Expect A Confirm Google Algorithm Update This Summer

Recently, John Mueller of Google was asked about an update this summer, and he replied on Twitter, “I’m sure we’ll have some.” This statement has caused a lot of buzz in the SEO community, as many eagerly await changes. Although Mueller didn’t provide any specific details, he did confirm that we can expect at least one confirmed Google search ranking update before the summer.

Google’s Martin Splitt Answers How To Get Discover Traffic Back After It Dries Up 

Google Discover has become a fantastic tool for businesses and content creators alike. It’s an excellent way to increase traffic and outreach to new audiences. However, what happens when that traffic begins to dry up? It’s a valid question many people have asked, and thankfully, Google’s Martin Splitt has some quick insights. During the July 2023 Office Hours session, he answered a question about what steps to take once Discover traffic slows down.

Google Search Console Link Report Shows Dramatically Fewer Links 

Google Search Console has been a handy tool for most web admins when optimizing their websites for search engines. And one of the essential features that it offers is the link report. It appears that Google has made an update or a bug that has affected the link report. People now notice that the number of links they once saw has reduced by almost half. It remains to be seen whether Google pushed the update intentionally or unintentionally. Nonetheless, this sudden change has left many webmasters concerned and eagerly waiting for clarification from Google.

Bing Chat Rolls Out Visual Search on Desktop and Mobile 

Searching for visual content online just got easier with Bing’s latest feature. The search engine teased us a month ago with their visual search testing on Bing Chat. And now, they’ve made it available for all who want to snap a photo or upload an image to Bing Chat. This innovative tool allows for seamless web browsing and effortlessly searches related content, all with just a photo. Say goodbye to typing in long and complicated search terms and hello to the convenience of Bing’s Visual Search in Chat.

Google Says AI Content Has No Ranking Magic Powers 

Google’s Search Liaison, Danny Sullivan, had some words to say about the recent claims made by Merrill Brown, G/O’s editorial director, regarding AI content and search engines. Brown claimed that AI content was currently well-received by search engines. However, Sullivan disagreed and clarified that it was inaccurate, at least not for Google. As AI continues to gain traction, this discussion is more relevant than ever. It’ll be interesting to see how search engines react to AI content in the coming years.

Google’s John Mueller Says a Good Page Experience Doesn’t Fix Other SEO Problems 

Page speed is constantly discussed in the world of SEO and web development. Google’s John Mueller was recently asked about its importance as a ranking factor, and his response was quite interesting. He explained that while page speed is a vague term, Google uses specific metrics to measure a website’s performance, like core web vitals and page experience. It’s good to keep in mind that having a great user experience only fixes other issues a website may have. Ultimately, it’s essential to focus on creating a website that looks great and performs well.

What Google’s John Mueller Says On Keyword Research For SEO?

Keyword research has been given a lot of importance over the years. However, according to Google’s John Mueller, it may not be as crucial as we thought. In response to a question about whether keyword research helps with SEO, John’s immediate answer was a clear “no.” However, he explained that the key to successful SEO lies in understanding what you are writing about and why it matters. So, while keyword research may not be everything, it’s important to remember that quality content is still king.

Social Media Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Twitter Launching Job Listings For Verified Organizations

Twitter is constantly evolving and finding new ways to connect people with their interests, passions, and employment opportunities. Soon, verified organizations will have access to a new feature that will revolutionize how they recruit and hire. That’s right – Twitter is gearing up to release a job listing feature that allows designated organizations to post job openings directly on their profile pages.

Meta Enhances Facebook’s Video Platform

Facebook has taken a big leap forward in its video features with its latest update that integrates Instagram Reels and Meta into its platform. By bringing aspects of Reels into the Facebook Feed, users can now enjoy a more cohesive video experience with the new Video tab that streamlines all Facebook video content in one convenient location. This new feature makes it easier for users to find and engage with the content they love. Plus, the ability to view and engage with Instagram Reels directly on Facebook creates a seamless flow from one platform to another. Facebook’s Meta enhancements have elevated its video platform to new heights, providing an engaging experience for all its users.


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