We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

Google Clarifies its Title Tag Recommendations

Google made changes to the Search Central rules that govern how title tags are displayed in search results. The update clarified and eliminated numerous ambiguities in the terminology that made the guideline difficult to understand without altering the guidance itself.

Google Allows Companies to Program Automatic Responses to Frequent Queries

A new feature that lets you create automated responses to frequently asked customer queries is being rolled out by Google for Business Profiles. When someone messages your company using your Google Business Profile, you can propose questions for them to ask using this tool. Similar to how a chatbot for customer care operates on company websites. Additionally, you can program automated responses to queries like a chatbot.

Hours Filter for Google Local Packs by Day of the Week

You can filter local results by business hours in Google Search’s local pack for a long time. But we are not sure exactly when Google began displaying results on a weekday. We are not certain if this is new, but we don’t believe we have ever seen it. When Shameem Adhikarath discovered this, he tweeted about it. 

Customer Favorites, Most Mentions of, & More Labels in Google Product Results

As you may anticipate, Google conducts a lot of product result testing. Here are a few brand-new features Google is experimenting with for products in search results. They include displaying consumer favorites, the terms that get the most mentions, and additional product label information. All of this is in that somewhat modern product grid arrangement. 

PPC Related Updates and News

Confirmed: Another delay in the Google Ads & AdSense Advertiser Console

The Google Ads, AdSense, Analytics, consoles, and other services were sluggish, extremely laggy, and generally glitchy on Friday, 15th July. Well, it happened again on Tuesday morning, 19th July.

After stories began circulating around 3 am ET, Google Ads confirmed it again. The AdSense console appears to be affected by this as well. 

Social Media Updates and News

Templates Boosts and Other New Features are Available For Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels has seen several revisions that include adding new creative tools, improved engagement strategies, and modifications to the sharing of videos. Reels now have new features that include: improved remixes, updated templates, and Reels automatically converted from video posts. Reels’ capacity to serve as advertisements etc.

Finding Local Businesses is Simpler With Instagram

Instagram’s location maps may now be searched, making it simpler to find locations and companies close to you. With this Instagram maps update, you can search for well-liked places nearby and sort companies by category.

YouTube Shortens the Copyright Dispute Resolution Process

The time of the copyright dispute and appeal process is being shortened by YouTube, which should lessen the impact of erroneous claims. You can now hasten the process of making your movie viewable once more if a copyright claim causes YouTube to prohibit it.

How to Link Your Shopify Account to Your YouTube Channel

By making it simple to connect Shopify stores with channels, YouTube is enabling content producers and companies to showcase their products throughout the platform. With this introduction, qualifying channels can advertise their goods and services, which viewers can purchase without leaving YouTube. This integration allows viewers to make purchases without going to an external link, unlike earlier integrations. 

Instagram Introduces an In-Chat Payment Option

Through Meta’s Newsroom, Instagram unveiled a new “Payments in Chat” function today. Customers can now make purchases directly from verified small companies using social media direct messages. With this update, buyers and sellers may now interact in-app, request or collect payments, and monitor orders from within an Instagram conversation. 


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