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Search Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google Releases Gemma: A Laptop-Friendly Open Language Model

Google released Gemma, an open large language model that is based on the same technology used to create Gemini. This language model is not only powerful but also lightweight, making it ideal for use in environments with limited resources, such as laptops or cloud infrastructure. Gemma can be used for a variety of purposes, including creating chatbots and content generation tools. In fact, its capabilities are not restricted to just these applications; it can perform any task that a language model is capable of.

Google’s Search Liaison Responds To Evidence Of Reviews Algorithm Bias

Google addressed a small publisher who had written an article uncovering the tactics used by large corporate publishers to manipulate the Google Reviews System Algorithm. Google’s Search Liaison Responds: I would like to express my gratitude for the post and the level of thoughtfulness it demonstrated. The concerns and detailed analysis provided were greatly appreciated. I have shared the post with our search team and have conveyed my desire for us to take further steps to ensure that our search results display a better diversity of sources, encompassing both small and large publications.

Google Announces Expanded Structured Data Support for Product Variants in Google Search Results

Google announced an exciting update for online merchants with the introduction of expanded structured data support for product variants in Google search results. This new markup feature is set to revolutionize the way online retailers showcase their products. With this update, merchants will now be able to effectively display the different variations of their products, including color, size, material, and more. By providing this detailed information, customers will gain a better understanding of the available options and make more informed purchasing decisions.

Bing Tests Next Page & Refresh Button in the Search Results

Bing is testing a new feature that could change the way users navigate through search results. Instead of displaying a traditional pagination bar at the footer of the search results page, Bing is experimenting with a “next page” button and a “refresh” button. This means that users will no longer see the number of search results pages that they can click on. The purpose of this test is to improve the user experience and make it easier for users to navigate through search results. By simplifying the pagination process, Bing aims to provide a more streamlined and efficient search experience for its users.

Google AddsToggle Between Search & Gemini in the Google Search App

The Google Search app introduced a new feature that allows for easy switching between Google Search and Gemini, previously known as Google Bard. This new toggle appears at the top of the app and is set to default to Google Search, displaying the familiar Super G logo. However, users now have the option to tap on the Gemini logo to switch to the Gemini platform seamlessly. This update offers increased convenience and accessibility for those who regularly utilize both Google Search and Gemini for their search needs.

John Mueller from Google Addresses the Topic of Sites Using the Google Indexing API

In a recent discussion, John Mueller from Google shed light on the topic of sites using the Google Indexing API. According to Mueller, the Indexing API has a limited range of supported use cases, as stated in the documentation. Despite this, it is commendable to witness individuals who are enthusiastic about exploring its potential further. However, Mueller brings attention to two important aspects. Firstly, the API is frequently exploited for spam and low-quality content. Secondly, it is crucial to note that Google does not support the Indexing API. This clarification from Mueller provides valuable insight for website owners and developers considering the use of the Indexing API.

Google Tests Forums a New Menu Item in its Search Bar Menu

Google is constantly innovating and improving its search features to provide users with more relevant and useful results. In its latest update, Google is testing a new menu item in its search bar called “Forums.” This new feature aims to enhance the user experience by filtering search results specifically to forums. By clicking on the “Forums” option, users will be able to access discussions and conversations from various forums on the internet, including popular platforms like Reddit and Hacker News.

Google Search Tests a New Search Bar Design on Mobile Search

Google is testing a new search bar design for mobile search. This new design showcases buttons for images, videos, news, shopping, maps, and more, but with a distinct light blue background color. The buttons are curved, adding a touch of modernity to the overall design. This new design aims to make it easier for users to navigate through different types of search results and access specific content categories with just a single tap.

PPC Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin Shares Important Updates Regarding Google’s Enforcement of its EU User Consent Policy

Google Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin shared important updates regarding Google’s enforcement of its EU User Consent Policy. The company is taking steps to strengthen enforcement around consent requirements for European Economic Area (EEA) traffic. To facilitate this, Google has introduced consent mode version two (v2), which includes parameters for ad personalization and remarketing consent signals. This update aims to ensure that users in the EEA have more control over their data and the ads they see. Advertisers must take action and comply with these consent requirements by March 2024 to avoid losing critical advertising capabilities in the region.

Google Bans Impersonation and False Affiliation in Ads

Google Ads has taken a significant step towards combating fraudulent advertising practices by implementing a ban on impersonation and false affiliation in ads. Starting in March 2024, Google Ads will update its Misrepresentation policy to include strict measures against advertisers who attempt to deceive users by impersonating or falsely implying affiliation with public figures, brands, or organizations. This move aims to protect users from being tricked into parting with their money or personal information under pretenses.

Google Ads Sitelink Unknown Eligibility Problem

Google Ads has encountered a problem with certain sitelink assets, leading to the display of sitelinks that are marked as “limited” for an unknown reason. This issue has been acknowledged by Google’s Ads Liaison, who has assured users that the team is actively working to resolve the problem. While this issue may cause some inconvenience for advertisers and marketers, it is reassuring to know that Google is aware of the issue and is taking steps to rectify it.

Google Updates Estimated Delivery Times Calculation in Merchant Center

Google announced an update to its estimated delivery times calculation in the Merchant Center. Starting from April 9, 2024, the minimum and maximum handling time attributes will be used for processing time in product data for Shopping ads and free listings. This update aims to provide more accurate estimated delivery times to customers on Google. As a seller, it is important to review your shipping attributes and ensure they are accurate. If you provide processing time information directly in your product data, make sure to update them by the specified date. This will help improve the overall customer experience and enhance transparency in delivery expectations.


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