We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week that you need to know:

Search Related News and Updates from Major Search Engines

Google Revises Guidelines for Quality Content and Offers New Insights on Discover Traffic

Google has recently updated its Search Central Discover documentation, which includes replacing the previous guidance on E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) with a new focus on promoting helpful content. This change in direction coincides with an update to the Helpful Content System guidelines, which now includes recommendations for content on Google Discover.

Google Search Console Introduces Bulk Data Export Feature

Google has recently launched a new tool called Bulk Data Export, which provides website owners and SEO professionals with the ability to export daily data dumps of their website’s performance data. This feature is particularly beneficial for large websites with tens of thousands of pages or those receiving traffic from tens of thousands of queries daily. With Bulk Data Export, website owners can identify new content opportunities more efficiently by analyzing long-tail queries. This makes it a valuable asset for enhancing their website’s performance.

Google Introduces February 2023 Product Reviews Update with Enhanced Language Support

On 21st February 2023, around 5 pm ET, Google released the sixth product reviews update named the “February 2023 product reviews update,” which offers language support for several new languages beyond English. As with most updates, Google expects the rollout to take about two weeks. The newly supported languages are Spanish, German, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Polish.

Google Allows Favicons to Be Hosted on Different Domains

Google’s developer documentation for favicon search has been updated to state that hosting the favicon on the same domain as the homepage is no longer a requirement to qualify for a favicon in Google Search results. The company has removed the statement, “the URL must be in the same domain as the home page.”

Microsoft Introduces Voice Search Enabled AI Chat on Bing for Mobile

Microsoft recently announced that the latest Bing AI Chat features are now accessible to certain users through the Bing and Edge mobile apps on both iOS and Android devices. One of the standout features of the AI-powered Bing Chat is its voice search functionality, which is reportedly seamless and enjoyable to use.

Social Media Related News and Updates From Major Search Engines

LinkedIn Launches SEO Tools to Enhance Article Visibility

LinkedIn has recently announced an update that allows users to customize their articles’ SEO titles and descriptions, improving their content’s discoverability for users searching for specific keywords. Moreover, LinkedIn is introducing new features that enable newsletter scheduling and increased visibility of newsletters in search results.

PPC Related News and Updates From Major Search Engines

Google Ads Unveils New Features to Enhance Performance Max Campaigns

Google has recently launched several new features to assist digital marketers in enhancing their campaign performance. These features include campaign-level brand exclusions, page feeds, and simplified video creation tools. Moreover, the platform now provides reporting and insights that allow advertisers to view metrics like conversions, conversion value, and cost at the asset group level.


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