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Search Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google’s Lizzi Sassman Answered on Why Sites Should Combine Structured Data 

When it comes to structured data, it can be tempting to combine different types to save time and effort. However, Google’s Lizzi Sassman recently shed light on whether or not this is a good idea. In a Google SEO Office hours session, she explained that while combining structured data can be done, it’s important to remember that Google interprets the data differently. Therefore, it might be better to separate them to ensure they are each properly understood and utilized by the search engine. So while it might take a bit more time, it’s worth considering the benefits of keeping structured data types separate to ensure maximum visibility in search results.

Google Bard Begins Rolling Out: Early Access, Citations, and Limitations

Google has done it again; this time, it’s with their new platform, Google Bard. The tech giant has recently rolled out its latest masterpiece to some lucky reporters, making everyone else eager to get their hands on it. Luckily, Google has also opened up a waitlist for US and UK users to gain access to it. Although it’s not yet available for Google WorkSpace accounts, signing up for the waitlist is a start. As someone who gained access to Bard recently, I can confidently say it’s worth the wait. So buckle up, sign up, and get ready for the ride of your life with Google’s latest and greatest creation.

What Microsoft Bing CEO Said About Google Bard? 

Mikhail Parakhin, the brilliant mind behind Bing Chat, has just given a blunt assessment of Google Bard. Despite the tech giant’s widespread popularity, Parakhin is confident that Bing Chat has surpassed Google Bard regarding innovation and user experience. With his impressive track record as former CTO at Yandex and now as CEO of Bing at Microsoft, it’s hard not to take his word for it. Parakhin’s dedication to making search engine technology more intuitive and efficient is evident in the rise of Bing Chat’s success. With more and more people turning to Bing Chat for their search needs, it will be interesting to see how Google Bard responds to Parakhin’s bold claims.

Google Added a New Section to Google Search Status Dashboard 

Google search just got better! The Google Search Status Dashboard now includes a brand new section called Ranking. This section is dedicated to real-time updates on your website’s ranking on Google. The Ranking section is your go-to destination if you’ve ever wondered where your website stands regarding search engine optimization. It’s easy to use and shows confirmed ranking updates, so you’ll always know how your website performs on Google. Keep your website on top with the new Google Ranking section, and increase traffic!

Microsoft is Planning to Work on Bing Chat Limits on Balanced Mode Before Other Modes 

Microsoft’s Bing seems to be planning major changes for its chat feature, and CEO Mikhail Parakhin has given us some insight into what to expect. The company will focus first on relaxing the chat limits and caps for the balanced mode before implementing these changes to other methods. This move should come as welcome news for those who rely on Bing for their messaging needs, as it means they can chat more freely without worrying about hitting any limits. It will be interesting to see what other changes Microsoft has for Bing in the coming months.

Social Media Related News and Updates From Major Search Engines

LinkedIn Rolls Out New Updates for Business Pages 

LinkedIn has stepped up its game with the latest features for business pages. Now more than ever, businesses can enhance their brand visibility, streamline their hiring process, and, most importantly, engage with their audiences like never before. With the ability to schedule posts up to three months in advance, businesses can optimize their audience engagement without worrying about manually posting content daily. And with the added ability to connect with audiences through live, audio-only conversations without the need for third-party tools, businesses can take their engagement to a whole new level. The cherry on top is the auto-sharing of open roles for smaller companies, providing a simple and efficient solution that saves time and energy on HR efforts. LinkedIn’s new features sound like music to the ears of any business looking to thrive in today’s digital world.

PPC Related News and Updates From Major Search Engines

Microsoft Unveiled a New Approach for Search Ads 

Microsoft is revolutionizing how advertisers approach search advertising with their new category-based targeting solution. By combining categories and keywords, this approach streamlines campaign management and improves the experience for shoppers on the site. It is effective and has also been shown to increase click-through rates and revenue per thousand impressions. This unique solution marks a significant shift in how companies can enhance their online marketing efforts. With Microsoft’s category-based targeting solution, advertisers can reach their desired audience and deliver a more personalized consumer experience.

Microsoft Advertising Announced Promote IQ a New Way to Target Shoppers by Browsing Categories with Keyword Boosters 

Microsoft always aims to provide an extraordinary experience for shoppers and increase revenue for retailers and advertisers. The PromoteIQ team has announced a new way to target ads, which combines category-based targeting with the power of keyword leveraging. This innovation will help advertisers reach out to potential consumers more effectively by targeting shoppers based on the categories they browse while also being able to boost campaign bids through keywords. This new feature has the potential to effectively maximize sales growth and enhance the advertising and shopping experience for all parties involved. Advertisers should seize the opportunity to test this latest development and take their ads to the next level.


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