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Search Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google is Rolling Out a New Search Generative With 12 AI Reviews 

Google is working to improve the search experience for its users, and the new Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) is the latest offering to come out of the company’s labs. This cutting-edge technology uses machine learning to generate search results tailored to each user’s needs. The SGE is being rolled out to people on the Search Labs waitlist, and early feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. With its personalized search results and intuitive interface, the SGE is poised to revolutionize how we search for information online.

Google Search Console Reported Some Mobile Indexing as Desktop Indexing 

Many website owners have noticed that Google Search Console has reported unusual indexing results lately. Some sites optimized for mobile devices are showing up as being indexed using the desktop crawler instead of the mobile crawler. This issue has confused many webmasters wondering why their site should be ranking better on mobile. Google has acknowledged the problem and is working to fix it quickly.

Google Search Added More Detailed Car Comparison Tools 

In today’s digital age, searching for a new car can be daunting. However, Google is making it easier with its expanding car search features. With access to car comparison tools and charts that help you make informed decisions. While this may threaten Edmunds and other car websites, it’s a boon for consumers who want to make the best choice when purchasing a new car. Thanks to Google’s search capabilities, finding the perfect vehicle for your needs has never been simpler or more efficient.

Bing Teases Bing Chat Webmaster Tools Reporting 

Internet users everywhere have been eagerly anticipating the release of a new upgrade to Bing Webmaster Tools. Recently, Fabrice Canel from Microsoft Bing posted a tease on Twitter which has only heightened the anticipation. Rumors have been circulating that the new upgrade will include Bing Chat reporting, allowing users to quickly see impressions and clicks from Bing Chat directly to their sites, the same way that Bing already shows this data for Bing Search. With this new feature, Bing Webmaster Tools is set to become an even more powerful tool for optimizing their website’s performance and taking control of their online presence.

Google Bard Uses a Much Smaller Model Than Bing Chat Said By Bing CEO

Mikhail Parakhin, the current CEO of Bing at Microsoft and former CTO at Yandex, recently shared his thoughts on Google Bard and the comparisons being made to Bing Chat. Parakhin noted that Bard uses a “much smaller model” than Bing Chat, which could be the reason for its lightning-fast speed. It will be interesting to see how Bing Chat evolves in response to these comments and whether it will continue competing with Google Bard.

Bing Rolling Out a New Feature For Video Search “ More Like This “ Action

Do you want to avoid sifting through video after video to find what you’re looking for? Bing’s got you covered. With their “more like this” feature in Bing video search, finding related content has never been easier. Click on the video overlay and discover similar videos that you’re guaranteed to love. But wait, there’s more! Bing Video Search also offers a variety of other features on its landing page, ensuring that you get the most out of your viewing experience. So say goodbye to endless searching and hello to effortless entertainment with Bing Video Search.

PPC Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google Introduced Automatically Created Assets For Responsive Search Ads 

Digital advertising can be an overwhelming and ever-changing industry to navigate. With increasing ads online, it’s easy for ad fatigue to set in. Google has taken an innovative step to combat this problem by introducing “automatically created assets for responsive search ads.” This new feature uses a mix of landing page content, existing ad copy, and keywords to help generate unique headlines and descriptions for each ad. From the early data measured, this feature has shown an impressive 2% increase in conversions while maintaining a similar cost per conversion.

Microsoft Introduced Insights For Universal Event Tracking Tags 

In the constantly evolving world of digital advertising, staying ahead of the curve is essential. As a result, Microsoft has recently introduced its Universal Event Tracking tag insights, a powerful tool designed to help advertisers better understand user engagement and improve ad campaigns. Universal Event Tracking lets users track events on their website, giving them a much more in-depth understanding of user behavior and engagement. This new feature will give advertisers unprecedented insight into how their ads perform and users’ actions after interacting with them.

Google Updated Shopping Ads Policy Center and Free Listing Policy Center 

Google has recently made updates to its Shopping Ads Policy Center and free listings Policy Center, creating an environment better explained to retailers and consumers. The company has posted the clarification of the YouTube Shopping ads requirements and Discovery product ads format requirements to ensure that retailers understand precisely why their ads are not serving and the best way to deal with the issues. Additionally, Google is keeping these retailers in mind while updating their Google Shopping Help pages for Recommendations & personalization and How Google Shopping Works, aiming to explain better how Google’s ranking works. Google’s newfound dedication to transparency makes advertising and shopping on its platform a more straightforward and informed process.


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