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Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

Why Google Thinks Helpful Content Updates Are Important

There is a growing consensus that the helpful content upgrade is not leading to any significant improvements after one week since its rollout. Google responds to claims that the helpful content update has little effect on search results and reminds everyone that it is still in the rolling out process. According to reports, the update has received little notice. Danny Sullivan, Google’s Search Liaison, responds to the situation in a series of tweets.

The 6 SEO Guidelines From Google For Ecommerce Websites

In order to maximize the visibility of your website in search results, Google offers six SEO methods that integrate structured data and Merchant Center. Developer Advocate Alan Kent thoroughly explains each tip in a recent video posted on the Google Search Central YouTube channel. Kent stresses the usage of Google Merchant Center throughout the footage since it enables shops to upload product data via structured feeds.

Google Provides Budget Information for Indexing & Crawling

Google has launched a podcast on the topic of “crawl budgets” and the elements that determine how Google indexes material. Gary Illyes and Martin Splitt both offered their insights into Google’s approach to web crawling.

Google may no longer display word counts for news article content errors in Search Console.

“Article too brief” is a Google News-specific article content problem in Google Search Console. It advises to “make sure your articles include more than 80 words” in that part. Google’s Danny Sullivan stated on Twitter that they might take that reference out since “people shouldn’t be worried about word count.”

Google Updates Business Profile Guidelines To Include Products Section

Google has expanded the Business Profile rules to include a new item section. If you own a retail business, you may advertise to customers in the area by adding your in-store goods to your Business Profile without cost.

PPC Related Updates and News

Google Ads confirms a bug with the sharing and reporting of auction insights

An issue in Share and Auction Insights reporting for Google Ads Search campaigns beginning on August 29th has been confirmed by Google’s AdsLiaison, Ginny Marvin. Ginny clarified on Twitter that this is merely a reporting issue and “doesn’t impact ad serving or automated bidding techniques.” Along with this notice, Google also reported the problem on the Google Ads status page.

Features of the New Google Ads Conversion Value Rules

You can modify your conversion value reporting and Smart Bidding optimization using a feature called conversion value rules. The ability to apply rules to particular store visits or store sales conversion categories has been introduced by Google as a new capability within Google Ads. Just a reminder that the conversion value requirements are not brand-new and date back to 2021.

Social Media Updates and News

Twitter Introduces An Edit Button For Testing

The social media platform tweeted that it is currently testing an edit function that would let users amend tweets for up to 30 minutes after they are published. Edited tweets will follow Facebook’s example and display an icon, timestamp, and label to indicate original tweets have been modified, a feature that users have long wished for.

Instagram’s Recommended Content Best Practices

In order to boost their eligibility for recommendations, Instagram releases new best practices for creators to adhere to. Instagram’s reels tab, explore feed, and main feed all have suggested material, and the list goes on! Photos and videos from Instagram accounts you don’t follow are recommended.

Professional Certifications From Meta, Oracle, and IBM Are Available on LinkedIn

Through new collaborations with Meta, Oracle, and IBM, LinkedIn is extending access to professional qualifications. After finishing a course, users can highlight their skills on their profile. According to LinkedIn, 44% of people have updated their profiles with capabilities in the last two years. These additions expand the growing library of courses available to subscribers of LinkedIn Learning, including those from Meta, Oracle, and IBM


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