We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

Google Announces Seven Local Search Updates

Google has announced seven new features and updates to local search. These changes will significantly enhance how people explore neighborhoods, businesses in their area of interest, and restaurants near them or explore dietary restrictions they might need attention towards satisfying without having difficulties finding what’s available. Thanks again for using Google!

Five Changes Coming to Mobile Search as Announced by Google

Google announced five changes to how people search on mobile today. Starting this week, you’ll see shortcuts for actions other than typing in a traditional query. Soon after, upgrading the company’s app with features that will help users find relevant results more easily than before!

Google Announces Personalized Search Results According at the Search On Event

Google makes it easier to understand whether your search results are personalized. This latest announcement from Google will show users if their search results are personalized. This was first announced at a recent event called Search On, which took place earlier this year and is largely seen as an opportunity for the company to showcase new features in its popular Gmail service with added perks like better spam detection tools, among other things included too! The new “About this result” section on google will show users more context about their individualized searches, as well as how many people added the same businesses into each category during the ranking time!

Google Announces its Preference for Online Discussions & Forums In Search Results

Google is testing a new feature highlighting discussion threads in their search results. The feature expands on their efforts to serve links from relevant discussion groups with post threads pointing towards them and offer translated news stories across different languages! This would be cool because it gives people more ways to find information online! This year at Google’s ‘Search On’ event, they announced a new addition to search engine results highlighting what people say about topics in online discussions and forums.

Google Rolls Out Core & Product Review Updates

As of September 26, 2022, Google’s core algorithm update and product review rollouts are complete. The company confirmed the completion via its Search Ranking Updates Page. The core update was released two weeks ago, on September 12. The product review update was released a week later, on September 20. Both updates finish rolling out on September 26, when you can assess their impact.

Bing Rolls Out Traffic Analysis In Search Results Snippets

Bing is testing, showing more details in the page insights overlay feature in search. Bing currently displays traffic analysis, such as monthly visitors, geographic location of visitors, and other information. Bing is now testing, showing more traffic analysis and more useful answers on this Bing page insights feature. Previously, more helpful information about the query and the site was displayed.

Bing Announces the Testing of “Web” Label In Search for Result Snippets

Bing has recently started testing a new ‘Web’ label in the search result snippets. When a user searches for a website with this label, they will be directed to a blog post announcing the addition of the ‘Web’ label.


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