We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

Upgrades to Google’s Enterprise 360 Suite Tools are now available

It can be challenging to manage and expand Ad campaigns as an enterprise marketer. You’ve probably heard of Google’s enterprise suite of tools, such as Display & Video 360 (DV360) and Campaign Manager 360, and may even utilize them. During its annual Google Marketing Live Summit, Google announced that it is improving its platforms to help you prepare for a privacy-first future while expanding your business with new ad formats. This event was kicked off by Eduardo Indacochea, Sr. Director, Product Management at Google, who discussed the value of these tools for enterprise marketers.

Small Fluctuations aren’t a big deal, according to Google

Google’s ‘Ask Googlebot’ video series continues with a new segment explaining why Search Console graphs vary when a website isn’t changed. In the video, Google Search Advocate John Mueller states that it’s common for Search Console graphs to go up and down to some amount despite website upgrades. Fluctuations aren’t necessarily cause for concern, but a few things to watch out for could suggest a problem.

Best Practices For Article Structured Data in Google Author Markup

Google has included a new section to the article structured data documentation for author markup best practices. These new recommended practices might assist you in communicating the correct author information to Google for your content. “To assist Google better understand and represent the author of the content, we recommend adopting these best practices when designating authors in markup,” according to the new standards.

Google’s Learning Video Rich Results are Now Available

For learning videos, Google has included more rich results. Learning videos are instructive videos that are intended for students and teachers to discover and watch. They include the video’s educational level, as well as the concepts and skills it covers. There is new structured data for learning videos to go along with these new learning video-rich outcomes. 

PPC Related Updates and News

Expanded Text Advertising Will No Longer be Created or Edited By Google

Google will no longer allow users to create or amend extended text advertising after June 30, 2022. Google announced this shift in August 2021 with the goal of simplifying the way search advertising is developed and driving performance with automated technologies. Users will only be able to create or amend responsive search advertisements in regular search campaigns after this deadline. Advertisers who transition from expanded text to responsive search ads will experience a 7 percent increase in conversions at a similar cost, according to Google.

Search Ads Automation & Keyword Matching Guides from Google Ads

Google’s Ginny Marvin just revealed two new resources and guidelines related to Google Ads. The first is a guide to Search Ads Automation, while the second is a guide to Google Ads keyword matching systems.

Ginny expressed herself on Twitter “Ad automation is a seismic shift that coincides with the increasing privacy landscape and more complex client journeys. For businesses of all sizes, automation is now critical for both performance and measurement. We’ve added two new materials to assist you in making sense of the changes.”

Social Media Updates and News

Instagram takes Out New Reels Feature

Instagram today added brand new features to Reels, giving users more options to express themselves through short video clips. These tools are designed to assist content creators in connecting with their audiences, attracting viewers, and expressing themselves in new ways. With over 675.3 million users, video is currently the fastest-growing element on social networking sites. This indicates that more than a quarter of Instagram’s 2 billion users are using the feature. 

Twitter is Getting Ready to Launch Notifications For Search Terms

Twitter has been discovered to develop a new feature that would allow users to sign up for push notifications for certain search phrases. Users who have subscribed to a search term will receive notifications when new tweets containing that word or phrase are published. Android developer Dylan Roussel uncovered this capability in a pre-release version of the Twitter mobile app. 

Twitter is Discontinuing TweetDeck for Mac

On July 1, Twitter stopped supporting the Mac version of TweetDeck, and it will only be available through a web browser. When users of TweetDeck for Mac started the software on July 1, they were notified of the change. The TweetDeck team stated on Twitter that shutting down the Mac software allows them to focus more resources on improving the web-based version. 

In a New Video Series, LinkedIn Debunks Algorithm Myths

In a new video series that will be released over the coming few weeks, LinkedIn will address popular misconceptions about how their algorithm works. Two episodes of ‘Mythbusting the Feed’ have already been released, with at least two more on the way. The series tries to clarify the types of material that LinkedIn surfaces in people’s feeds while also addressing common misconceptions and preconceptions.


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