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Search Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

What Google Gary IIIynes Advises on Indexing Speed, High-Quality Content, and Social Media Popularity?

Regarding getting your website indexed promptly, the advice from Google’s Gary Illyes is clear: quality content and social media presence are key. Gone are the days of tricking search engines through shady tactics like keyword stuffing or buying backlinks. Instead, search engines prioritize websites that offer value to users with informative, engaging, and relevant content. And what better way to amplify your content and reach a wider audience than through social media? By being active on social media platforms and engaging with your audience, you increase your chances of getting indexed faster and build long-term relationships with your customers.

Google Updates its Guidance on Cross-Domain Canonicals

As the internet landscape constantly changes, keeping up with the latest guidance from search engine Google can be difficult. Recently, Google updated its guidance regarding cross-domain canonicals for syndicated content. While these changes may require some adjustments, it’s important to note that the guidance for syndicated news remains the same. As publishers and content creators navigate these updates, they must stay informed and adapt accordingly to ensure their content remains visible and accessible to audiences.

Microsoft Unveils Bing & Edge With Improved AI, Visual Capabilities, Multi-Session Experiences, and Third-party Integrations

Microsoft has taken a big step forward in its search capabilities by moving Bing from Limited to Open Preview. This move has allowed the search engine to enhance its visual and multimodal search capabilities, making it even more user-friendly and dynamic. Bing is now evolving from a product into a platform, with the impending integration of a redesigned user interface and integration of third-party plugins on both Bing and Edge. Microsoft is committed to responsible AI, ensuring safeguards against harmful content and continuously innovating openly and transparently. 

Google Announces 8 New Top-Level Domains, Including One for Lawyers 

Google recently made a significant announcement by releasing eight new top-level domains (TLDs), each with a unique purpose and potential. Among them, one stands out for law firms, catering to their commercial needs. Additionally, other TLDs are beneficial for academia and researchers. However, being cautious about two top-level domains based on file extensions is necessary. They might pose a security risk, making it vital to take appropriate measures to avoid any potential threat. However, introducing these new TLDs is a game-changer, providing diverse options to businesses, individuals, and organizations.

Google Chrome is Removing the HTTPS Lock Icon from Chrome Browser

Google’s Chrome browser has boldly announced its intention to replace the trusty lock icon that signals a secure connection with a more neutral option. While some might argue that there is comfort in seeing the lock icon, Google’s research suggests the opposite. The current lock icon can be a security risk, misleading users into thinking that a website is entirely secure when that is not always the case. By introducing a new icon, Chrome hopes to present a better user experience, informing users that while the website may be secure, there could still be potential risks. 

Google’s John Mueller Addresses Concerns About WebP Image Indexing 

Google’s John Mueller has recently addressed some concerns around the indexing of WebP images. While there has been some confusion around how these images appear in Google Search Console reports, Mueller has taken the time to provide some clarity on the matter. As an increasingly popular image format for the web, WebP images offer a range of benefits regarding file size and load speeds. With Mueller’s insights, website owners and digital marketers can better understand how these images are indexed and tracked in Google Search Console.

Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update of May 1st & 2nd Unconfirmed

Google search ranking algorithm update that may have occurred on May 1st and 2nd. While Google has not officially confirmed the update, many webmasters have reported significant changes in their search rankings during that time. Some have speculated that the changes may be related to improvements in Google’s artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. Whatever the cause, the unconfirmed update serves as a reminder of the importance of staying up-to-date on SEO best practices and keeping a close eye on search rankings.

Google is Testing Up & Down Buttons in Autocomplete Search Bar

Google is testing a new feature that might make your search experience more convenient. This feature adds up and down arrow buttons in the search bar, which lets you quickly toggle between autocomplete search suggestions. This can be a handy feature for those who want to speed up their search process and find their preferred search results quickly. Though the arrow up and down on the keyword can be used, the new buttons may offer a fresh and innovative touch to your search experience. Let’s wait and see if the feature becomes permanent. 

Google is Planning to Avoid “Coming Back Soon” Pages for Site Migrations 

When revamping a website, Google’s John Mueller advises against using a “coming back soon” page for an extended time. He suggests avoiding it altogether if possible. While it may be necessary to implement the page briefly, Mueller recommends serving a 503 server status code to indicate to search engines that the downtime is temporary. This is important because search engines can penalize sites with too much downtime, potentially causing a decrease in traffic and rankings. So, if you plan to change your website, consider Mueller’s advice and strategize how to minimize downtime for the best results.

Social Media Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Youtube Updated Partner Program Re-Application Policies 

YouTube, the video-sharing platform, has recently updated its Partner Program policies, causing a stir among new applicants and previously-suspended channels. This change will affect anyone hoping to monetize their content on the platform. The new policies emphasize the quality and type of uploaded content, such as adhering to community guidelines, avoiding terrorist content, and creating original material. While this may initially seem daunting for creators, it is a positive step towards ensuring a safe and profitable platform for creators and viewers.

PPC Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Microsoft Advertising Announced New Changes: Gains Campaign-Level Change History, Code-Free Conversions & Postpones Enhanced CPC 

Microsoft Advertising made some exciting announcements regarding the changes and improvements to its advertising platform. First, they introduced a new campaign-level change history report, allowing advertisers to track changes over time easily. Additionally, they announced new code-free conversions for Smart Campaigns accounts with Multi-platform, promising to simplify measuring conversions. Finally, they postponed the Enhanced CPC change, giving advertisers more time to prepare. With these updates, Microsoft Advertising continues enhancing its platform to provide the best experience for advertisers and consumers.


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