We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

John Muller talks about what structured Data should be used and where to use it!

In a recent Google Search Central SEO office-hours hangout, Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller answered two queries about structured data. While the first question was regarding the medical niche specifically, his response is instructive and applies to websites on any topic. Mueller also demonstrates how to use the Google Developer Help Pages to determine which structured data to use.

Google’s John Muller talks about core web vital scores and reasons for them to change frequently

In the SEO Office-hours session, John Mueller answered a question concerning why the core web vitals scores keep changing despite the fact that the web pages themselves have not altered. The question to which John Mueller responded did not indicate whether it was about field or lab data. Without giving field or lab data, the person who asked the inquiry simply inquired when the basic online vitals scores stopped changing. Mueller responded to the question using Field Data, which is a key web vitals score based on real-world visitors.

Microsoft is all set to change its user agent

Bing has revealed that the user agent string that identifies itself as Bingbot is changing. There will now be two user agents, one for the desktop crawler and the other for the mobile crawler. More information, including the most recent version of Edge, is available with the new user agent.

PPC Related Updates and News

Google Ads Revenue Increases Due To Performance Max Campaigns

Last week, Google hosted its first-quarter earnings call, praising its year-over-year Search increase. The business recorded $68 billion in sales in the first quarter, with Search and Ads accounting for more than half. One of the highlights of Search performance is Google’s Performance Max campaigns, suggesting significant projections and spending.

New performance max features launched by Google Ads

It’s no secret that Google encourages advertisers to use Performance Max campaigns. By the conclusion of Q3 2022, Performance Max campaigns will have completely replaced Smart Shopping and Local campaigns. Google provides new capabilities to assist advertisers as the newer campaign type emerges as one of the new standards.

Social Media Updates and News

TikTok pulse: A new advertising option for brands!

The most popular social networking platform is stepping up its advertising efforts. TikTok has launched additional capabilities for marketers in recent months to better monetise its site. TikTok Pulse is the newest feature for marketers, and it allows businesses to participate in the community’s everyday moments and culture. 

Meta to expand its advertising tools for small businesses

Facebook parent firm Meta is giving small businesses the attention they deserve. During National Small Business Week, Meta introduced new lead generation and content sharing options for small businesses. The new tools are designed to assist organisations in generating higher-quality leads by exploring new ways to communicate with clients. 

Original content will be rewarded, and new insights will be provided to assist track performance: says Meta!

As part of its shift toward short-form videos, Facebook-parent Meta introduces more monetary incentives for content creators to produce Reels. Through an update to its Reels Play Bonus program, Meta is restructuring payouts, expanding monetisation opportunities, and providing creators with new insights about viewers. In a blog post, the company says these changes are designed to reward creators who consistently publish high-quality, original content that audiences enjoy.

Adobe and Meta have teamed up to offer a free training programme for small businesses

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has teamed up with Adobe to launch Express Your Brand, a free online training programme aimed at helping small businesses grow online. This year-long effort will mix skill development with community building and inspiration. More than half of small business owners believe that strengthening their social media abilities would benefit their company if they only had the time and resources. 

Live streamers on Youtube can now redirect their viewers to other channels

Cross-channel live redirects are a new feature on YouTube that allows streamers to send live viewers to other channels. Cross-channel live redirection is similar to Twitch raids in that they allow a creator to divert their audience to a different broadcast once their own has finished. Live redirection on YouTube is unique in that they provide additional safety for streamers. Creators on Twitch can “raid” another stream with almost no limits. As a result, some users have been abusing the raid feature, diverting viewers to other streams to throw insults at the creator. With cross-channel live redirection, YouTube has controls in place to prevent this from happening, making the function a welcome addition to the platform.


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