We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

Google Search Console does not track Multisearch

Clicks or impressions for traffic coming from the new Google multi-search functionality are not yet being tracked by Google Search Console. The other day, Glenn Gabe verified this by testing on several of his client sites.

Google has updated its review guidelines to forbid encouraging negative reviews or selectively soliciting positive ones

To avoid “discouraging or forbidding critical evaluations, or selectively seeking good reviews from customers,” Google modified its contributor criteria for Google Maps. This paragraph was added to these rules under the misleading content and false engagement section. “discouraging or blocking unfavorable evaluations, or selectively soliciting good ratings from customers” is the newly added phrase.

Google: You Should Ignore Anything That Discusses Link Juice

John Mueller from Google reiterated it on Twitter, writing that “everything that talks about “link juice” should be ignored.” He advised you to “go and develop fantastic websites with information that’s useful and inspirational to real people” rather than that. Similar advice from John from a few years ago was to disregard everything you’ve read about link juice.

Performance Max Import, Data Exclusion, Automated Extensions, and More for Microsoft Advertising

Regarding new features, Microsoft Advertising has announced a tonne for its October 2022 release timetable. These include new data exclusion options, more automated extension controls, the ability to import your Google Performance Max data, and much more.

Grid Layout for Google’s “More Hotels” Search

There is now a grid layout option in Google Search called “more hotels.” Even when Google displays the sections for hotel listings, more hotel listings, explore more hotels, and now additionally this “more hotels” four grid arrangement, this still holds true. Saad AK noticed this change on Twitter.

Feature Of Google Shopping Chat On Product Results

In the product search results, Google Shopping appears to be experimenting with or perhaps has already debuted a new chat option. Currently, we cannot duplicate this; however, Saad AK found it and shared a screenshot on Twitter. Additionally, he noted the speedy checkout button, which we believe Google Shopping has been using intermittently for some time.

PPC Related Updates and News

With Google Ads’ new targeting feature, advertisers may boost the profitability of their app ads

An update to Google Ads is currently going out for app marketers with the goal of boosting in-app ad income. Now, you can target users who prefer clicking on ads inside applications with Google Ads’ app campaigns. Target return on ad spend for ad revenue, or tROAS for ad revenue short is the latest targeting option. Ad expenditure when using tROAS for ad income is based on how likely a user is to click on in-app advertisements.

The $35 billion cost of click bots and fake traffic for online advertisers

The pay-per-click advertising industry depends on traffic to function. However, bots to “click” PPC advertising and manipulate the system has existed for almost as long as there have been PPC ads.

This issue is well-known and affects many more digital marketers than they might realize. According to some estimates, false users account for over 40% of all web traffic. According to a University of Baltimore study, ad fraud would cost firms $35 billion worldwide in 2020.

Social Media Updates and News

Twitter Update: “Best Place To Share Media” as its Goal

Twitter recently announced a change to multimedia sharing that, when combined with a different change, makes it simpler to find videos and, in essence, transforms Twitter into a platform for multimedia sharing. The announcement makes it crystal clear that it wants to be “the best place to exchange media,” and it provides examples of the new features.

Instagram now displays advertisements in your profile feed

Through upgrades, Instagram is now displaying ads in additional locations, including public profiles and the Explore tab. Multi-advertiser advertisements and augmented reality (AR) ads are additional improvements. Last but not least, Instagram provides free music for use with Reels advertising.

New Android In-App Browser FromFacebook

Facebook is getting ready to introduce a brand-new in-app browser for Android that will take the place of the unstable Android System WebView. Facebook opens web pages within the app itself, in contrast to other Android apps that open web connections in the user’s preferred external browser. As a result of users updating the Facebook app more frequently than the code behind the in-app browser, Facebook noticed a problem with how it handles external connections.

Voice Narration is a new TikTok feature added to YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are adopting another well-liked TikTok feature that enables producers to narrate movies. Voiceovers can be used to enhance Shorts by giving the right directions, providing perceptive feedback, or making humorous remarks.

Before this update, adding your voice to a video that was recorded on YouTube wasn’t very easy. You would require recording your voice simultaneously with recording the video. After registering, you can now add a voiceover to YouTube Shorts. Follow the instructions in the next section to find out how to accomplish it.


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