We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

You Can Now Access Google Search Console Insights For GA4 Properties

Google has made properties from Google Analytics 4 (GA4) compatible with Search Console Insights as part of an update that went live on 6th July. Search Console Insights gives you a comprehensive insight into how people find your content online by combining data from Search Console and Google Analytics. Since its debut in June 2021, Universal Analytics (UA) properties have been the only ones with which Search Console Insights have been compatible. Your Search Console’s Insights section would have been sparse if you only had GA4 attributes. However, considering that Google will stop supporting UA attributes in 2019, it was only a matter of time before GA4 support was enabled. 

Google Clarifies the Needs For Course Structured Data

Google revised the guidelines for appearing in the Course rich results using structured data. If the rules are not followed, you might not be eligible for the lucrative result. Although the new criterion is not brand-new, it wasn’t listed on the Course structured data requirements page. 

5th July and 7th July Google Search Ranking Update Volatility

The SEO community has been discussing increasing volatility and fluctuation in the Google search ranking algorithm over the past few days. This occurs after a period of calmness in the Google search results of more than a week.

The discussion sparked by my story on the 28th June Google upgrade in WebmasterWorld and the comments area has increased over the past few days, with some discussion taking up on 5th July and then in a major fashion on 7th July. Additionally, some of the indicators are beginning to indicate a significant increase in the volatility of Google searches over the previous 24 hours. 

Google States that Low Effort Category Pages are Equal to Search Query Pages

John Mueller from Google was questioned once more on whether or not you should prevent your web site’s search results pages from being indexed. The general answer is and always has been “yes.” Still, John added that “overall, I’d block them” because the “chosen list of search-queries being virtually equal to low-effort category pages.”

Auto-Tagging is Now Available For All Free Listings Across Google Merchant Center

Auto-tagging for free listings in your Merchant Center account was implemented by Google Merchant Center earlier this year. However, this was limited to the Google Shopping tab and is now available throughout all Google experiences. Google said that starting today, all free listings and free local listings experiences on Google will allow you to view conversions using auto-tagging.

Auto-tagging was formerly restricted to entries on the Shopping tab. According to Google, you may use the conversion statistics in conjunction with a web analytics tool to determine how well your listings perform.

Google Introduces New Search Ranking Updates Section Today 

This section provides information on the most recent changes to Google Search’s ranking that website owners should be aware of. So, next time you want to know about the latest Google algorithm update status, visit this section and get to know everything about it.

PPC Related Updates and News

Google Ads Releases Diagnostic Data

The Insights tab will soon receive a new data set from Google Ads highlighting any problems discovered during diagnostic inspections. You can find issues that stop campaigns from displaying, are the reason for low engagement, make it difficult to track conversions, and more with the use of diagnostic insights. You may access this information on the Performance Max campaigns’ Insights and Overview page to troubleshoot problems as soon as they are discovered. 

Automatic Updates for Shopping Campaigns, Auto-Generated Remarketing Lists, and More in Microsoft Advertiser

For the Microsoft Advertising platform, Microsoft unveiled a number of new capabilities and other information. Automatic updates for Shopping Campaigns automatically created Remarketing Lists, the migration of more UET tags that are eligible to the Microsoft Clarity insights experience, the expansion of Customer Match to new markets, and other features are among them. The great news is that these two new functionalities will be automatically enabled for Shopping Campaigns starting on 10th July.

Social Media Updates and News

Twitter Restores Nofollow Links Attributes

About a month ago, Twitter stopped using nofollow characteristics in its links. It appears that those nofollow link properties have now been reinstated. This was discovered by Glenn Gabe this last Friday, just before the extended Fourth of July weekend.


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