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Search Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Google’s John Mueller Answers on Google Sites and SEO

According to Google’s John Mueller, websites created on Google Sites can be indexed in Google Search. However, there is a challenge when it comes to tracking the URLs used in Google Sites. The public version of the website may have a different URL than the one seen when logged in. From an SEO perspective, while it is technically possible to index Google Sites, it may not be the ideal choice. The complexity of tracking in Search Console and the limitations for SEO purposes should be considered. Exploring other options and carefully weighing the pros and cons before committing to Google Sites for SEO is advisable.

Google’s John Mueller Answers a Question and Offers Advice on Guest Posts

Google’s John Mueller provided some valuable insights and advice on guest posts. He first acknowledged that the person asking the question was already headed in the right direction. However, he emphasized that using guest posts solely to acquire links is against Google’s spam policies. Mueller explained that these links must be qualified to indicate they do not influence search results. This can be achieved by implementing the rel=nofollow or rel=sponsored attributes on the links. He further clarified that while it is acceptable to use advertising to promote a website, the links within the guest posts should be blocked, as previously mentioned.

Google Search Central’s Gary Illyes Clarifies Common Web Errors

In a recent article, Google Search Central’s Gary Illyes demystifies common web errors that significantly impact user experience. To make these technical errors more relatable, the article cleverly uses a tale involving a castle library. Each chapter of the story illustrates how these errors directly affect website visitors and provides practical solutions to overcome them. Using this narrative approach, Illyes effectively communicates the importance of addressing these errors and empowers website owners and developers with the knowledge and tools to improve user experience.

Google News Tests Author Name Below the Publication Name in the Article Card Snippet Interface

Google News appears to be conducting tests to display the author’s name below the publication’s name in the article card snippet interface. Google recently tested this feature for Google Discover stories and Top Stories in Google Search. Now, Google is extending this test to include articles on Google News at news.google.com. This change could give users more transparency and credibility by allowing them to identify a particular article’s author easily. By displaying the author’s name prominently, Google aims to enhance the user experience and improve the overall trustworthiness of the news content on its platform.

Google’s Gary IIynes Explains How Bloom Filters Works in Google Search Console

In a recent discussion, Gary Illyes from Google shed light on why the filtered data was higher than the overall data within Google Search Console. He explained that the filter utilized in this process is a “Bloom filter.” This filter is employed due to its efficiency and speed in handling vast amounts of data and stored information. According to Gary, at 1:13 in the Google SEO office hours video, “The short answer is that we make heavy use of something called Bloom filters because we need to handle a lot of data, and Bloom filters can save us lots of time and storage.” By leveraging Bloom filters’ capabilities, Google can process and store large volumes of data effectively.

Google Adds a New Option “Add Address Autocomplete” to the Business Profiles 

Google recently introduced a new feature on the Google Business Profile screen in web search called “add address autocomplete.” While it may not be classified as a search feature, it is a promotional tool for utilizing the Google Maps Cloud Platform. By incorporating this feature, users can ensure they input the correct address when checking on e-commerce sites or filling out forms. Colan Nielsen, among others, has noticed this addition and shared their observations. According to Google, this functionality facilitates a faster checkout process by assisting customers in entering the accurate address.

Microsoft Bing Search Tests Explore Collections Overlay Feature 

Microsoft Bing Search is constantly improving its user experience, and one of its latest updates is introducing a new overlay feature called “Explore Collections.” This feature aims to assist users in exploring various products directly within the search results. Using an overlay, users can quickly browse and explore different products potentially sourced from the Bing Shopping results. This innovative feature saves users time and provides a seamless and efficient way of discovering new products without having to navigate away from the search page.

Google SGE Removes Local Results from Google Business Profiles in a Local Pack

Google recently significantly changed its Search Generative Experience (SGE) by removing local results from Google Business Profiles in a local pack. Previously, when users searched for local businesses or services, Google would display a “five pack” of local results within the search results page. However, with this recent update, Google has eliminated the local pack from its search results. This change has raised questions and concerns among businesses that heavily relied on the visibility provided by the local pack. It remains to be seen how this update will impact local businesses’ online presence and visibility on Google.

Social Media Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

YouTube Adds a New Feature, Short Links, Allowing Creators to Link Their Shorts Videos to Other Videos on Their Channel

YouTube has recently introduced a new feature called Short Links, which enables creators to easily link their Shorts videos to other videos on their channel. This exciting update opens up new opportunities for creators to drive traffic and engagement on their content. By linking their Shorts videos to long-form content, additional Shorts, live streams, and more, creators can provide viewers with a seamless and immersive experience. This feature enhances the discoverability of a creator’s content and encourages viewers to explore more of their channel. With Short Links, YouTube empowers creators to maximize their reach and engagement on the platform.

Instagram Tests Keyword Search on its Threads App in Australia and New Zealand

Instagram, the widely used photo-sharing platform, continues to enhance its services ecosystem through various updates. The latest addition is the integration of keyword search into the Threads app. This feature allows users to easily search for specific content based on keywords, making it more convenient to discover relevant posts and connect with like-minded individuals. The announcement of this new functionality came from Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram. Currently being tested in Australia and New Zealand, the company has plans to roll out this feature to more countries shortly.

PPC Related News and Updates from Major Search Engine

Microsoft Introduces New Features In Advertising Editor

Microsoft Advertising has recently unveiled a range of new product features, with one notable addition being the expansion of audience targeting options in Microsoft Advertising Editor. This development allows advertisers greater flexibility in managing ads and reaching their desired audience. Additionally, introducing auto-generated assets for Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) and logo extensions provides advertisers with more options to optimize and enhance their advertisements. To make the most of these new features, advertisers are advised to closely monitor the performance of their ads and utilize A/B testing to identify the most effective approaches for implementation.


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