We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

 Cumulative Layout Shift Scoring Update by Google

Google fix a Core Web Vitals metric to make it fairer for certain kinds of websites. Cumulative Layout Shift is a measurement of how much the web page elements jump around on a web page. Google receives feedback that the CLS metric is inadequate for measuring web pages that are open for a long time, penalizing those pages with lower scores. Google review three major solutions for updating how it scored CLS.

Search Console Presents Regex Filters & More Digital Marketing News

Google announces a new and improved ‘compare mode” in Search Console, making it easier to compare multiple metrics simultaneously. Google adds two improvements to Search Console designed to make reports more useful for site owners. Now, they can use Search Console to filter data by regular expression (regex) and utilize a revamped comparison mode that supports more than one metric.

Google My Business: Easily Edit Information on Your Business Profile like Photos & More

Google announces on Twitter saying, “You can now easily edit information on your Business Profile like hours, category and location — all directly on Google Search with an enhanced editor.” You can now make changes to your GMB listing easily. You can update business info, hours and even upload photos right from Google Search.

PPC Related Updates And News

Google Announces to Set a 1st-Party Cookie through the Global Site Tag & Model Conversions in Europe 

Google Ads will be setting the first-party cookie with a new identifier through the Global site tag and Google Tag Manager. This first-party cookie will be unique and limited to users of a particular website. Google is taking steps toward protecting privacy, which means a heavier reliance on first-party data. With changes on the horizon for the way folks are tracked, first-party data is more valuable than ever.

Google Announces the Inclusion of Dynamic Exclusion Lists

Google’s new dynamic exclusion lists help advertisers avoid showing ads near content they wish to avoid. This feature will allow advertisers to opt into third-party lists and automatically keep their exclusions updated for ongoing brand protection. Dynamic exclusion lists include web pages or complete domains, and they will be available to be uploaded via a range of formats.

New Insights Page Available to all Google Ads Advertisers

Google says, “the Insights page is available to all advertisers globally.” The Google Ads Insights page makes it easy for you to explore insights and emerging trends based on your business. Google gives an example, “let’s say you are a pet store looking to reach more customers. With the Insights page, you can see rising demand for “dog subscription boxes” and “dog toys”. 

Google Ads Launches Auto-Applied Recommendations

Google announces the official launch of auto-applied Google Ads recommendations. With this opt-in feature, you can pick from over 17 recommendations to automatically apply within the Google Ads setting. Google says the auto-applying recommendations will not raise your budget, “so continue to review the Recommendations page to ensure your budget isn’t limiting your performance.”

Social Media Updates And News

LinkedIn Brings New Profile Features to Address Career Gaps

LinkedIn releases new option for users to add new types of job titles to their profile to address gaps in traditional career types. To address employment gaps, the job-seeking and professional network platform, LinkedIn adds job titles like stay-at-home dad, stay-at-home mom, and stay-at-home parent. Members using these job titles will not even need to specify a company or an employer in the coming weeks. 


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