We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Google Adds Page Experience Report in Google Search Console 

Google announces a new report named the page experience report on April 19 2021, within Google Search Console. This new report includes the core web vitals report with the other metrics that are part of the page experience update. That means this new page experience report has data on LCP, FID, CLS, HTTPS, mobile-friendliness, absence of intrusive interstitials and safe browsing status. 

 Is the Google Product Reviews Update Big?

RankRanger, Searchmetrics, Semrush, SEOClarity, and SISTRIX sum up the Google product reviews update that was launched over a week ago. It seems like big — but not as big as a typical Google core update. Those impacted may have seen huge gains or losses and, for any individual website, those changes can be a big deal.  

 Google Product Reviews Update is Now Complete 

Danny Sullivan of Google says, “Google has now completed rolling out the product reviews update that first began rolling out two weeks ago yesterday.” Sullivan explains, “Caveat is with any update, you can still sometimes have some edge case lingering.” “But effectively done,” he said when it comes to the rollout of this new Google search ranking algorithm.

Google Page Experience Algorithm Update Reschedule in Mid-June

In a blog post, Google says that the Page Experience update will start rolling out in mid-June but will not play its full role in search rankings until the end of August. The major reason for the gradual rollout is to monitor the update’s impact for any unexpected or unintended issues. 

Jetpack Boost All Set for WordPress Core Web Vitals  

Jetpack Boost is a plugin that offers one-click optimization for Web Core Vitals. It gives your site the same performance benefits as the world’s leading websites; no developer needed. Jetpack Boost performs the following: Optimize CSS Loading, Defer Non-Essential JavaScript and Lazy Image Loading.  

Microsoft Introduces Several New Features and Technologies

Microsoft brings new features and technologies, including private search, new ad units and more. In addition to new ad units, the announcement consists of new tools and technologies that are noteworthy for businesses that aren’t currently advertising with Microsoft. The Microsoft empowers publishers to give consumers more options for privacy-first experiences. 

PPC Related Updates And News

 US Health Insurance Advertisers Required to Pass Google Ads certification

Google announces that on June 2, 2021, onwards, advertiser health insurance-related products in the US will require to show certification. They need to provide proof that they are permitted under state law to sell health insurance. This certification is another effort by Google Ads to ensure the trustworthiness of advertisers in the healthcare and government services space. 

Google launches a New AdSense Management API

Google launches a new AdSense Management API. This is an advancement in version 1.4 all the way jumping to version 2.0 with this update. Version 1.4 will stop working on October 12, 2021. All deprecated methods in version 1.4 have been removed in version 2.0. This includes resource methods that did not specify an AdSense account.  

Social Media Updates And News

Businesses Can Schedule Stories Using Facebook Business Suite

Facebook brings several updates for businesses, including the ability to schedule stories across Facebook and Instagram. This tool will soon be capable of managing photo albums and saving draft posts along with scheduling stories. Now, businesses can easily create, publish, and schedule stories to Facebook and Instagram by opening Business Suite on desktop and selecting “Create Story.”

Content Owners Can Claim Copyright of their Images on Pinterest

The content claiming portal allows developers to remove existing versions of their content and prevent future versions from being used on Pinterest. This all-new portal may prove an effective way for rights holders to ensure their data is not misused on Pinterest. Creators can control their data on Pinterest by filling out an application that asks them to give proof of content ownership.


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