We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

User Generated Content Guide From Google!

Google has released a new guide that explains how to use user generated content (UGC) on your website in a way that complies with the company’s policies. Google has designed an infographic with a yes/no flowchart and an interactive troubleshooter to aid websites with the proper usage of user-generated content. Because Google treats this type of information in the same manner that it treats the main content of a webpage, knowing how to use it correctly is crucial.

Top Searches of the Year 2021 Revealed by Google

Google’s annual roundup of the year’s most popular searches provides a slew of suggestions for content creators hoping to profit on long-tail keyword opportunities.

Every year, data on the most popular searches is released, which is intriguing on its own. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in already!

News Stories on Desktop: Googles New Search Update!

Google has altered the way news article search results are shown on desktop by grouping together numerous results for the same article. This update is now live, and it aligns news results on desktop with how they appear on mobile devices in Google Search.

Google Starts Work on the New Core Web Vitals Metric

In a recent HTTPArchive Almanac article piece about CMS use around the world, the author stated that all platforms perform well on the First Input Delay (FID), a Core Web Vitals indicator and that Google is working on a new metric that may eventually replace FID (FID).

The HTTPArchive releases a number of articles about the state of the web each year. Content management systems are discussed in Chapter 16. (CMS). The post was prepared by a Wix engineer who is also the Backend Group Manager and Head of Web Performance, and it was reviewed and examined by a number of Googlers and others.

Google Explains How to Handle Changing of the Authors Name

There are many people who change their name a few years after they are born. What should be done is you change your name and want to get it changed as the author of your blog? How are the search engines going to respond to it? Googles John Muller was asked this question on Twitter by Micheal. Let us see what the response to this question was.

Google to Test New Suggested Clips Video Feature Snippets Layout

Google is experimenting with a new style for the featured snippets of significant moments video / Suggested Clips in Google Search results. Rather than having a larger video at the top with text below it, Google has a smaller video at the top with text on the right side.

Ppc Related Updates and News

Now You Can Enjoy Ads Image Extention on Desktop and More Says Google

According to the company, Google Advertising image extensions are now available for desktop ads. It should be noted that mobile search ads were available from May 2021. In addition, Google Ads image extensions now enable dynamic image extensions in any language, and you can even use stock pictures for these image ad extensions.

Social Media Updates and News

Professional Mode For Facebook Profiles Announced by Meta

Users may now generate money using features that were previously only available on Facebook Pages thanks to a new professional mode for Facebook profiles.

Furthermore, Facebook Pages will gain new previously exclusively available features through Facebook Business Suite and third-party apps. Here’s a rundown of all the new Facebook features for businesses and professionals.

Facebook to Hunt and Remove Harmful Content With the Help of AI

In order to keep Facebook safer, Facebook revealed a new AI system that can quickly identify hazardous content. The new AI model employs “few-shot” learning to cut the time it takes to discover new types of hazardous content from months to weeks.

Linkedin to Expand its User Base by 600 Million by Launching in Hindi

LinkedIn now supports the Hindi-speaking community of 600 million people around the world, making it the first Indian regional language on the platform. India is LinkedIn’s second-largest market, after the United States, with 82 million active users.


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