We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Twitter Users Can Now Share Their Tweets To Snapchat

Now, Snapchat users can have a great experience sharing their Twitter posts through Snapchat as well. So, there is no need for the users to take a screenshot of the post and share that on Snapchat as this can be done directly now. Twitter also stated that a similar integration with Instagram will also be introduced soon.

Google Reveals The Top Keywords Of 2020

Google recently came up with the top keyword searches of 2020 in its annual report of trending searches. This report shows what all the people searched on Google in this year of pandemic and lockdown. The search that broke records this year was ‘what day it is?’ and recipe searches were also on top.

Google Ads Uncover New Lead Form Extension Features

Google recently came up with new features for the lead form extensions. These updates will boost the efficiency for advertisers. These newly added features for the lead form extensions will assist in streamlining and adding better controls for the advertisers, together with bringing up a lot more effectiveness in the creation and management of leads.

Google Launched 4 New Features for Google Maps

The Google maps will now be updated with 4 new features for a better experience for the users. These new additions will benefit both searchers and businesses. Now the people will be able to experience better communication with the customers through the messaging feature added to Maps and Search. There is a lot more added to the Google maps for the searchers and for the businesses to reach customers in a much easier and better way.

Google Launching Programmatic Ad Buying For Web Stories

Different from the earlier times, when the story ads could be sold directly by the publishers using ad manager, Google came up with programmatic ad buying for Web Stories. The publishers will just require adding the <amp-story-auto-ads> tag in their Web Stories. Moreover, the story ads inventory can easily be accessed through the Display Network by the advertisers. Google also states that more demand sources for Web Stories will soon show up.

Google Announced Updates To The Google Search Console API

After announcing the API infrastructure updates a few months back, Google is now all set to add some exciting new and useful features to the Google search console API. Well, the users can not just get fresher data through the API, but will also be able to manage their domain properties and a lot more.

Google Launched An App Campaign For Global User Engagement

Google lately came up with the app campaign for engagement globally. Moreover, this may also include a custom prompt for users in search. These global engagement app campaigns are aimed at targeting the existing users of an app, bring them back to the app, and encourage their faithfulness and engagement.  

The Big Core Update In December 2020 By Google 

The data companies tracking Google search results say that Google’s December 2020 core update is bigger than the updates that were introduced in May 2020. This was a global update and was not specific to any region, language, or category of web sites. There is a lot more to explore about this recent core update by Google.

Google’s New Look For Its Question And Answers Carousel 

Google has now introduced a fresh look for its question and answers carousel. When the users will add QA structured data to their pages, Google can show these rich results in the search results.


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