We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Structured Data Testing Tool Updates

Google search central is now again bringing the focus towards the structured data testing tool. Additionally, Google is also migrating it to a new domain serving the schema.org community. This action will take place next year (2021) in the month of April. The objective behind this change is to support open standards and development experience in a better way. The major job of this tool will be to check syntax and compliance of markup with schema.org standards. 

Know What The Best About The Pandemic Year (2020) 

The year 2020 served the world with hard times and taught them all the value of being together. This year we all have learned a lot from the situations. Many tried their hands-on cooking new dishes that they never thought could even think of preparing for the entire family and some started with a new hobby that might go on forever. From new haircuts at home to managing everything online sitting back home, the world has gone through highs and lows this entire year. There is a lot more you would like to know about this pandemic year that will go down in the history for turning the world upside down!!

Features Integrated Into Bing Webmaster From Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft recently announced the addition of new features to the Bing webmaster tools. It envisions how the website is utilized in the form of click & scroll heatmaps. It can also replay the complete user sessions. Now additionally, Bing Webmaster Tools can easily be utilized for SEO & SEM purposes, as well as optimizing the website usability and correction.

3 New Features Added To Pinterest Boards

Pinterest has come up with 3 new features for the Pinterest boards that permit users to use this platform in a more productive manner. As the company records almost 35 percent of the increase in the monthly creation of boards, Pinterest boards are also seeing a rise in usage. The new features with which the Pinterest boards will be upgraded this week are notes to self directly on pins, the ability to favorite specific pins in a board, and a toolbar with quick access to board functions.

The All-New Google Ads Editor V1.5 Version Released By Google

Google has recently introduced the new v1.5 version of Google ads editor. This application can easily be downloaded for managing the Google Ads campaigns. Now, a lot of advertisers tend to use Google ads editor for managing their campaigns other than making the use of web interface. This new release will serve you with the features like Filter by account, campaigns, ad groups, or all items with the same label, Filter by the label, Image extensions, Shortcut to jump to the previous type, Improved messages for account limit errors, Update to statistics columns, Check ad strength for responsive search & display ads, Detailed recommendations, Merchant feed for App campaigns, Dynamic ads feed, Tips for new users. App pre-registration campaigns, the Business name for Local ads, and a lot more.

December 2020 Core Update Rolled Out By Google Is Now Complete

The December 2020 broad core update, which started rolling out on the 3rd of December has now fully rolled out. Just so similar to the other core updates, this recent update was global and not limited to some specific region, category, or language. There is a lot more that you would like to know about this new December 2020 broad core update.  

Sugar Dating Ads Prohibited By Google Ads

Google recently stated that it will start with prohibiting sugar dating ads. The dating ads like compensated dating or sexual arrangements where a person is expected to offer gifts, money, mentorship, financial support to the other person. According to Google, this policy will be imposed on 11th February next year (2021). The process will take around 5 weeks to complete. All the prohibited adult content will be shifted to the inappropriate content policy. The content categories that will get affected by this are sexually explicit content, child sexual abuse imagery, mail-order brides, and adult themes in family content. 

Seoasked.Com Archive All Googlers Tweets & Answers About SEO

A website, Seoasked.com archives and allows the users to search for the tweets from the Googlers who answer the questions related to search engine optimization. With the help of this, the users can now easily share the same with their clients and team members. 

The Launch of Holiday Recipe Search Results By Microsoft Bing

Microsoft Bing has recently launched holiday recipe search results and Microsoft Bing’s corporate vice president stated in his recent tweet that he is really proud of the good work by the team. There is a lot you need to know about this new launch by Microsoft. 

All Answered And Missed Calls Will Now Show Up In Google My Business Call History

Now, the preview call history feature will show all the answered and missed calls history for all the calls through Google search and Google maps. You can follow the link to get more details about the same. 

Google Displaying Web Search Results In Google Maps Local Listing

Now, while scrolling down through the Google maps local listings in Google Maps, you may see the web results regarding the business information at the bottom. 

Google Moving The Campaign Goal Metric In Google Ads

Google recently revealed that it is now moving the campaign goal metric in Google Ads. The score will be located near your optimization score, in order to turn it easier to locate. Google also stated that this change is to turn it simpler for the users to understand the way optimization score prioritizes recommendations. 

Issue Validation In Search Console Temporarily Disabled By Google

Google lately, announced that another feature (issue validation) in the Google search console will temporarily be disabled. Google also stated that this is done because of the upcoming changes in the report and no estimate is given till when this will get fixed. You can follow the above link to get more details about the same. 


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