We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

Do Not Remove Links to Your Own Social Media Profiles from Google

John Mueller from Google stated on Reddit that you should not nofollow links from your website to your social media profiles. Rel=me is an open standard that enables people to verify that this profile belongs to you; thus, he added that you should add it to them.

Google’s Things To Do Carousel Gains Popularity Added Information In Scroll Window

Google has been growing Twitter for the past few weeks. Thanks to its updated design, you can now scroll up and down through each window on the carousel. It appears to be live now!

Due to Holidays, Google’s Helpful Content Update and Link Spam Update have been delayed

Although Google has officially acknowledged that the helpful content upgrade requires more time to go out, the link spam update has already been in effect for over two weeks and is still rolling out. These updates might take longer to finish owing to the “holidays” and “for safety considerations,” according to Google’s John Mueller.

Google: YouTube Links Won’t Improve Your Google Rankings or SEO

If YouTube video links will benefit your Google SEO, an SEO enquired. Then someone stated that it would facilitate quicker indexing of your material. Both claims are untrue myths since Google does not count YouTube links because they have nofollow properties. Even John Mueller from Google retorted that links on YouTube video pages do not aid in the quicker indexing your material.

Google: Creating Bad Links For Your Website Over Time Will Have A Long-Term Impact

John Mueller from Google offered guidance on a website that appeared to have suffered from unfavorable links. On Mastodon, he said: “Even if you immediately change some things, if you’ve established the basis of your site on bad links for a longer period of time, that will have a lasting effect.”

John then used the following analogy: “It is alluring to construct a cardboard house because it is affordable and appears to be one rapidly. It still isn’t a stable house after the cardboard is taken out.”

Google is Fixing a Bug Where SXG isn’t Being Cached and Served (Signed Exchange)

Last week, Google announced it was working on a cure for SXG, signed exchanges, and incorrect search results. Specifically, Google does not serve them as signed exchanges in Google Search but rather as regular HTML pages. According to John Mueller at Google, this isn’t slowing down traffic from Google Search to SXG; rather, Google isn’t pre-fetching, caching, or providing these pages as quickly as a typical HTML page would.

Google: Content Does Not Become Good, Accurate, & Helpful Because of Unique Text, Infographics, & Video

According to Google’s John Mueller, writing original text and using infographics and a video does not automatically constitute the content “excellent, accurate, and helpful.” Making something decent, particularly for medicine, “takes much, much more,” according to John.

Google: Removing internal duplicate content won’t fix spam update hits

According to Google’s John Mueller, fixing technical problems and deleting internal duplicate material won’t help your website recover from a spam update. According to John, these spam updates pay more attention to the “real content” than whether your site has technical problems or duplicate content.


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