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Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

The Top Local & Global Search Trends on Google for 2022

All new categories not seen in the previous years are included in Google’s annual report on the top search trends. Every year, Google releases information on the top trending searches, which is interesting in and of itself, but you might wonder, “What can I do with this information?” Google’s annual summary of the year’s top trending searches satisfies basic interest and provides hundreds of suggestions for content creators. With a whole hub devoted to local searches, Google’s report on top searches this year is even more beneficial. Enter a US city or zip code, and Google will show you the most popular trends there.

A New Google Feature Might Make Results More Relevant

Google is introducing a brand-new search result feature that might make it easier for users to access more pertinent stuff. There is much discussion about the quality of Google’s search results, with many claiming that it is deteriorating. Young internet users are using even unorthodox alternatives like TikTok to find the information they require. Could it be that people have trouble finding relevant stuff on Google because they’re not using the right search terms? That’s a question that Google’s new search feature will answer.

Google Releases its December 2022 Update for Useful Content

Google admits that it is beginning to push out yet another helpful content update across search results. It started on December 5 and could take two weeks to finish. The December 2022 helpful content upgrade improves on the helpful content mechanism Google deployed in August.

Google’s Desktop Search Results Can Now Be Scrolled Continually

With a new upgrade that allows users to endlessly scroll through numerous pages, Google is attempting to make desktop search results more similar to mobile. In the US, results from desktop searches can now be continuously scrolled. Google details how the SERPs will show users up to six pages of URLs before asking them to click on “more results” in an email to Search Engine Journal.

Google Tries to Delete a Simulated Number of Search Results Once more

It appears that Google is trying to delete the anticipated number of search results below the search bar once more. Google is attempting to eliminate the phrase “About X results in Y seconds” once more.

Similar information was reported in March 2022 and earlier in July 2016. It appears to be missing in this instance when the new topics refinement bar appears

Websites using Google Search Console May Experience an Increase in Impressions and Clicks

On December 5, Google included a new annotation stating that websites using Subscribe with Google may experience an increase in clicks and impressions. To be quite honest, we are a little perplexed as to why the annotation was added this week rather than in 2018 when the feature was introduced. Although it appears that Google just came up with this feature, it was really introduced in 2018 as a tool for publishers to increase the number of subscribers to their publications.

According to Google, JavaScript-Heavy Websites Should Load Content First

Google’s Gary Illyes published a sort of PSA (public service announcement) on Mastodon and LinkedIn for websites that use a lot of JavaScript. When you have a site that uses a lot of JavaScript, he advises trying to load the content—including the “marginal boilerplate” content—first.

When he attempted to load the pages in his browser, it “took forever to load,” “so rendering timed out (my most likely explanation), and we were left with a bunch of pages that only had the boilerplate,” he claimed, adding that this is recent advice based on seeing a “bunch” of emails from SEOs complaining about seeing “lots of dups reported in Search Console.” Those pages are duplicates with just the boilerplate, he continued.

Therefore, consider loading the content first if your site uses a lot of JavaScript and you see this problem in Google Search Console.

Google Doodle For Holiday Season 2022

For the month of December, which is a holiday month, Google has published its “Seasonal Holidays” Google Doodle. While there have been other special Doodles on Google’s home page over the previous few days, after those Doodles were taken down, Google posted this Seasonal Holidays Doodle.

Instead of taking you to a search for seasonal holidays like it did last year, clicking on the Seasonal Holidays Google Doodle this year accomplishes nothing.

PPC Related Updates and News

For Advertisers: Google Ads Conversion Lift Tutorial

The most recent Google Ads training video introduced advertisers to a new Conversion Lift research. It basically analyzes how many conversions are driven by your ads that wouldn’t have happened without ads. The conversion lift solution from Google combines a variety of measurement techniques, such as Multi-touch attribution, Incrementality Experiments, and Marketing Mix Models. Details regarding Conversion Lift and how to set it up in Google Ads are covered in the tutorial.

Flyer Extensions, Retract and Restate Conversions, An Ad Schedule Calendar View, and More Added to Microsoft Advertising.

Microsoft unveiled many new things and shared the monthly Microsoft Advertising news and new features. New flyer extensions, and the ability to delete (retract) conversions or update (restate) their associated revenue value are just a few of the new features.

Social Media Updates and News

Facebook Enables Faster Payouts and More Ways to Make Money

Along with an update that enables creators to receive payments more quickly, Meta is launching additional methods for people to make money on Facebook. In order to entice users to buy Stars, Meta has enabled Stars on all publicly accessible Facebook content, including Reels, and is holding events all throughout the month. Meta is also lowering the requirement that authors must meet in order to receive their first payout. Let’s learn how these modifications might result in higher and quicker rewards.

More Information About Followers & Top Posts in New LinkedIn Analytics

Users now have additional information about their following and best-performing posts thanks to new analytics data that LinkedIn is putting out. Thanks to these enhancements, users now have better access to useful data, which builds on the creator analytics launched earlier this year. Let’s learn more about the new data that is being released today and how to locate it


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