We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

 Google Updated 8 New features in Google My Business for Local SEO

These new updates are critical for every local business. In the previous year, GMB rolled out new attributes so searchers can make informed decisions about the health standards at businesses they may visit. Some of these new GMB attributes included appointment required, mask required and more. 

Mozilla Firefox Launches “Total Cookie Protection”

Mozilla has launched its latest privacy feature on Tuesday 23rd February with Firefox 86 called “Total Cookie Protection.” The new privacy option creates separate cookie jars for every website you visit to prevent cross-site tracking. The new security feature is part of Firefox’s Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP) Strict mode. 

 Google Updated Search Console with a New Associations Page

Google announced a new feature in the Search Console named “associations.” It will connect your Search Console account with other Google accounts, such as YouTube, Google Analytics, Android apps and much more. Google Analytics will view your Search Console data, such as organic search queries, in your Google Analytics property. Google said an “association is a connection between a Search Console property, and some other entity or property in another Google service: for example, between a Search Console property and a Google Analytics account, a YouTube channel, or a Chrome Web Store account.”

Google Made a Slight Change in Metric Boundaries for Core Web Vitals in Search Console 

When you see your core web vitals report within Google Search Console after one day or two days, you may start to notice a lot more green scores. This is because Google has updated the metric boundaries for defining red versus yellow versus green scores in this report. Google said, “The metrics defining the boundaries for LCP, FID, CLS, which used to be < (less than), are now defined as <= (less than or equal to)”.

Google Said That Title Tags Longer Than What Is Displayed Has SEO Advantage

A Google official, Gary Illyes said in Google Central Live event that there is a benefit; I assume an SEO benefit, to having title tags longer than what is showed in the search. He also added that you should keep the title tag “precise” to the page’s topic and do not worry about how long it is or if it is too long. Google has changed the display length of the title tag many times and always said the length does not matter.  

PPC Related Updates And News

 Google Announced Responsive Search Ads Will be the New Default Ad Type 

Responsive search ads can help you reach more of your customers and build your business in real-time, even as consumer behavior changes. This ad automatically identifies the best combination of headlines and descriptions to deliver the right ad to the right person. 

Google Announced Important Changes to the Google Partners Program

Google stated that partners “have the flexibility to apply or dismiss performance recommendations based on your assessment to meet a minimum optimization score of 70%.” Google further added, “the new performance requirement helps ensure that you can effectively set up and optimally run Google Ads campaigns to achieve the greatest results for your clients. Your Google Partners registered Ads manager account needs to have a minimum optimization score of 70%.”

Social Media Updates And News

 LinkedIn Launched New Features on its Pages 

LinkedIn Pages adds new features designed to help businesses generate more leads, keep employees engaged, and access more data. New and updated LinkedIn Pages include Lead Gen Forms in Product Pages, New ways to share content among coworkers in the ‘My Community’ tab, and ways to measure the impact of employee advocacy on content engagement and reach. 


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