We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

Google States a Few Reasons Why FAQ Schema is Not Showing In Search

John Muller, Google’s Search Advocate, shared an important piece of information that stated three possibilities why your FAQ schema markup is not generating rich snippets in your search results. This piece of information was released during the latest Google Search Central SEO office-hours hangout, which was recorded on 28 January.

Emojis Won’t Affect Your Seo at all: Google

Google’s Search Advocate John Muller recently revealed that using emojis in a web page title or meta descriptions won’t affect your SEO at all! It will neither hurt nor help your SEO! This discussion took place in the latest Google Search Central SEO office-hours hangout, which was recorded on 28 January 2022.

Google Confirms Reciprocal Linking is Natural in Many Cases

Google says reciprocal linking is not considered a negative at all times! In most of the cases, it is completely natural if you link back to a website that is linked to yours. This discussion took place on the latest Google Search Central SEO office hours hangout that was recorded on 28 January.

Did You Know That Google Rewrites Page Titles More Than 61% of the Time?

Zyppy.com recently conducted a study that looked at over 80,000 title tags from 2370 websites to see how many of them were used in search results. They determined that 61.6 percent of the title tags had been rewritten, at least in part, by Google. Because page titles provide vital context to search engines, they significantly impact click-through rates. However, according to a recent study, Google rewrites page titles more than 60% of the time. 

Google has Announced the URL Inspection API For Search Console

Google has released a new URL Inspection API that allows third-party apps to connect with Google’s search dashboard and deliver URL inspection data. The additional API access will make it easier for SEOs and publishers to find more difficulties and debug problems. 

Impressions do not Help Equal Search Volume: Says Google!

According to Google’s Search Advocate John Mueller, the number of impressions your website gets for a keyword is not a reliable indicator of search volume. This was mentioned on Twitter in response to a query about whether Google Search Console’s impressions data is used to determine search volume. 

Google Finally Reveals.Day Domains

The new. Google introduced day generic TLD (top-level domain), and it has the ability to help you build a valuable online presence. Top businesses and savvy marketers are snatching up comparable names like BlackFri.day, CyberMon.day, and Valentines.day right now (registered by FTD). Early registration for Landrush is currently open, with general registration beginning on 1 February 2022.

You Can Find Google Search Console Domain Properties in Search Results Now!

Google recently announced on Twitter that the Search Console snapshot in search results also supports domain properties now. This is a snapshot card showing some of the higher-level data for your website immediately in the search results from Search Console. It was first released in October 2018, prior to Google’s roll out of domain properties in February 2019. As a result, if domain properties were your only method of verifying your site in Search Console, your site would not appear as a snapshot in Search.

Google is Testing Colorful Magnifying Glass in Search For Mobile Users 

The magnifying glass on the search bar from Google was earlier in Black and white state, but now, according to the rumors, Google is testing to make it colorful. If it rolls out, this update is only going to be for the search engines of mobile users. 

Google Says They Don’t Count Links on Domain Level

John Muller from Google recently announced on Twitter that Google Search doesn’t count links on a domain level. He says that each link counts for itself and that the links do not add up to the overall authority metric which Google might use on the domain level. 

PPC Related Updates and News

New Recommendations Introduced by Google Ads For Discovery Campaigns

For Discovery and Video campaigns, Google Ads has released a new set of recommendations. Here’s how the recommendations will affect the Optimization Score of your account. Updates to auto-applied suggestions and YouTube campaign optimizations were also included, in addition to the Discovery Optimization Score.

Google Ads Performance Max Now Replaces Smart Shopping and Locals!

Performance Max campaigns debuted in November 2021 as a method for Google Ads consumers to get more out. Following its successful debut, performance Max will soon be the sole campaign type for firms conducting Smart Shopping and Local campaigns. By the end of Q3 2022, Google Ads will be using Performance Max campaigns to replace Smart Shopping and Local efforts. 

Auto-Tagging is Now Available in Google Merchant Center For Free Listings

According to Google Merchant Center, auto-tagging is now available for free listings on Google Shopping. The search engine business noted, “Auto-tagging for free listings is now accessible in your Merchant Center account.” When auto-tagging is enabled, someone clicks on your free product listing or free local product listing, auto-tagging adds some more information to the URL parameters that searchers click on, including a parameter called “result id.” Your analytics solution, such as Google Analytics, can interpret the parameter to track these result IDs and provide you with further information about your Merchant Center listings.


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