We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates And News From Major Search Engines

Google My Business Starts Rolling Out New Performance Metrics  

Google has been in the news for some time about new performance insights to replace or add-on to Google My Business insights. Now you can see a section in the Google My Business dashboard that says “Your metrics will move to a new-look report. Search queries are visible, and more metrics will be added in a few months.”  

Check Out What’s New In Google Subtopics Ranking  

Google stated that subtopics rankings are “neural nets to understand subtopics around an interest, which helps deliver a greater diversity of content when you search for something broad.” For example, “if an individual search for ‘home exercise equipment,’ we can now understand relevant subtopics, like budget equipment, premium picks, or small space ideas, and show a wider range of content for you on the search results page.” 

Google Making Four Changes to Index Coverage Report 

Google makes four changes to the Index Coverage report situated within Search Console. One of the changes to Search console Index Coverage report includes removing the generic “crawl anomaly” issue type – all crawl errors should now be mapped to a problem with a finer resolution.   

PPC Related Updates And News

YouTube Activates Post-Roll Ads For All Monetized Videos

A member of YouTube stated that “For monetizing creators, any video over 10 minutes in length will automatically have post-roll ads turned on by default.” The term “monetizing” is used for someone who has applied for, and been accepted into, the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Now you will find three main advertising options to choose from: pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll.

New Hashtag Search Results Pages Launched By YouTube

YouTube is now working on improving its search by hashtags with the launch of dedicated results pages. In 2018, YouTube first introduced the search by hashtag, but unfortunately, it didn’t work well as expected. Now, when you search for a specific hashtag on YouTube, you will see a dedicated page that only contains videos with that hashtag.

‘First 24 Hours’ Metric Added By YouTube Analytics  

Now, creators can measure how their video performs in its first 24 hours. This new metric added by YouTube will allow you to analyze a video’s performance within the first 24 hours after publishing. At the bottom of your screen, you’ll find the total watch time accumulated by the video in its first 24 hours. 

Google Announced A New Google Discover Ads Format Option

Google brings a new 4:5 portrait aspect ratio format that will help advertisers showcase their services and products more prominently. Google announced on Twitter “Need to inspire new audiences on the lookout for holiday gifts? See our latest Discovery ads layouts and tips to drive action with shoppers as they watch videos, check promotional emails, and catch up on their favorite interests on Google’s feeds.” 


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