We hope you are in good health. Here are some of the major SEO news updates of the week you need to know:

Search Related Updates and News from Major Search Engines

Google Says: Different Algorithm, Different Languages

Googles John Muller says that Google utilizes the same search algorithms for most of the languages but, we have a few languages that need a different algorithm to predict the mentioned queries. This was a reply to a Reddit query thread where a user asked, “Does Google use the same algorithm for every language?

A Google Update on Recipe Structured Data Guidance

The Google recipe structured data requirements have now been changed as the old way of structured data stands invalid. So, Google had to make changes and meet the latest requirements by updating the old recipe structures data.

Google Shares Some Useful Tips on Site Migrations

Google shared a new video in which John Muller shared some useful information on how Google handles website migrations and how long they might take. One of the major things he talks about is that site migrations can be very much challenging and that one always needs to have a plan before taking a massive decision like this.

Google Shares Their Advice For Targeting Multiple Locations From a Single Website

During the latest Google Search Central SEO office hours hangout session, John Muller discusses and advises businesses with offices in different states on how to target multiple locations from a single website. This topic came into the discussion when an SEO professional asked John about the idea her client had pitched. The idea is to optimize their website for several US states.

Another Google Search Ranking Update Leaked!

Google has been really busy with work after coming from a short vacation for the new year. News is that we are again getting signs of another searching ranking algorithm update dates 19- 20th January. And if you think these updates could be related to crawling skill activity, you are wrong!

Google Deduplication of Top Stories From Web Search Results 

We know Google is working on removing highlighted snippets from the main site results by deduplicating them. When a URL is featured in the top stories area but not in the main web results, Google may do the same in some situations.

Goggle Denies the Use of Commas, Brackets, or Non-Standard URL Encoding For Faceted Navigation

John Muller from Google says that the companies guidance from 2014 remains the same even today when it comes to faceted navigation. Instead of using commas and other non-standard URL encoding, he says to make use of ampersands, equal signs, hyphens, or other standard URL encoded for fascinated navigation.

Google is Testing a New Feature of Displaying Review Snippets For Google Maps

Google Maps is experimenting with presenting review snippets, or short selected reviews, directly beneath the business or organization’s name in the map interface under the pin. Allie Margeson saw this and said on Twitter, “I adore seeing review snippets receive some attention directly on the map!” 

PPC Related Updates and News

The Google Local Service Ads Update

A new Google Local Service Ads update was recently spotted by Ben Fisher, where Google has now added a section saying businesses can request their own dedicated background check partner for verification.


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